Monday, July 19, 2010

I want an Ergo!

Have you ever heard of or seen an Ergo baby carrier?  They're AWESOME.  I try not to be an envious person. But I do envy the mommas of toddlers that can afford one of these carriers.  My sister-in-law has one and carries Madelynn in it sometimes when she stays over there and Madelynn never wants to get down.  So I know my daughter already loves it.  Unlike the Moby.  That is something I think you have to start your newborn with.  It's to much cloth to all of a sudden throw onto a toddler.  It also didn't help that my baby turned into a toddler at like 10 months old.  So anyway, back to the Ergo.  Newly Wed Newly Bred is giving away an Ergo carrier on her blog.  I want to win one SO BAD.  So just because you're seeing my post about how cool they are and how you could enter to win one, don't do it.  I want to win it.  And if lots of people enter I will be less likely to win it. lol.  Ok, I guess you can enter.  Just know, I will be envious of you too. lol.

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