Tuesday, June 22, 2010

8 Weeks to a Clean Home-Week 2 the Kitchen

How'd you do with your living room/family room?  Did you clean it all week long?  Did you clean it last night?  Did you have help?  Did you do it all alone?
I cleaned my living room/family room all by myself.  But I wouldn't have been able to do such a great job on it without my sister-in-law Amy.  She watched Madelynn for me while I cleaned.  It was amazing to be able to get everything done without having to go over it 3 times in 1 day.  I admit, I straightened up and vacuumed again before I took my pictures.  But it stayed this way with a few toys in the floor for the whole week.  It felt amazing to have a clean living room/family room all week.

So I'm just gonna get down to the pictures.  First, are my clean living room pictures.  I'm quite proud of myself for them.

And here are my messy kitchen pictures.  This is definitely not the messiest my kitchen has ever been.  But it for sure needs some cleaning.

I live in an apartment so I did not choose any of the furnishings like the metal top stove, the panel cabinets, the refrigerator with no handle, the solid white doors with the solid white walls, the ugly linoleum, or anything like that.  I didn't even choose my furniture really.  It was all given to us by family. The only stuff that wasn't is the furniture in Madelynn's room.  I got to choose all of that.  But I am grateful for all that I have.
Ok ladies, and Gentlemen if there are any of you reading, now it's time for your clean living room/family rooms and messy kitchens.

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