Friday, May 14, 2010

My Little Helper Strikes Again!


Madelynn has helped me dust the tv stand
She has helped me make dough for stromboli.
She’s getting better at helping me clean her room.
And now, She helps me do dishes!
She had lots of fun doing dishes.  She did not want to stop.  She didn’t really do any of them.  She just filled measuring cups with water and dumped them out over and over while holding various kitchen utensils.  In these 2 pictures she’s holding a butter knife.  She eventually put that down for a big green plastic spoon.

SDC16353 SDC16354

My new plan is to get her involved in household chores that way I will keep up with them while teaching her what it’s like to be a housewife and just how much fun it actually can be.  Because I’m sure if someone would have taken that time with me I wouldn’t procrastinate as much on my work as I do now.