Sunday, May 30, 2010

Family Movie Night!

Today was family day.  We did everything together.  It was lots of fun.  We ended the day with Family Movie Night.  We went all out
We bought The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything.

We started out with some ice cream.  I only managed to get one picture of that.

After that was all cleaned up we got out blankets and popcorn.  Madelynn was really enjoying herself with the popcorn.  Casey wasn’t enjoying it so much because it was getting stuck in his teeth.
Then Casey tried to hid when he realized I was taking pictures.
She did not let that bowl go.
Daddy didn’t make it through the movie.  He fell asleep about half way through. 
Madelynn and I finished off the whole bowl of popcorn.  I made way more than I should have.  There was still half a pot worth in the kitchen. 

After the movie Madelynn danced around to the music on the credits and then went to bed. 

Casey woke up and we watched 2 movies.  They were both crappy.  I don’t know how/who/why it was decided that movies must contain a curse word every 2 minutes.  It’s like they’re keeping up with a quota.  And action movies used to just be action and not to much for blood and guts.  Now?  They’re disgusting!  I don’t think I will watch an action movie ever again.

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