Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Coloring and Dough Making with Madelynn

Yesterday was a fun filled day for Miss Madelynn.  After she woke up from her early morning nap (she’s been taking 2 naps again for some reason) she got to color, with markers. She’s never colored with markers before so it was new.  She did pretty ok for her first time with them I think.  Here are the results.
SDC16169    SDC16172 SDC16175    SDC16181 

Then last night she got to help me make Stromboli dough again. 

First she gets to spread the flour on the table while I mix the wet ingredients and yeast together.SDC16196 SDC16197 SDC16198 
After she’s done spreading the flour out she dusts off her hands and insists it’s time for her to add the flour to the wet ingredients.
SDC16205 SDC16208 

So I let her add flour.
Then she gets to help stir.
Then more flour.
She has to make sure it’s all out of the measuring cup.
Then she patiently waits while I start to knead the dough. 
Next I give her a turn.  That open mouth looks like an innocent smile.  But it’s not.
She tried to take a big bite out of the dough.  I was to slow to catch her.  Good thing there’s no egg in that dough.
Attempting another bite.
SDC16224 SDC16226 
Laughing at me because I keep taking the dough away and then giving it back.
Finally helping me knead.
SDC16230 SDC16231 SDC16233 
All done.

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Practically Spent said...

Great photos! I remember my grandma used to let me just play in her flour (how sanitary, huh?). But I'll never forget the feel of it & the comfort of her laughter. I knew it didn't matter what kind of mess ensued. Good for you for embracing your little one's curiosity & enjoyment.