Monday, April 26, 2010

All About Madelynn

Madelynn is growing up so fast.  She loves to play with and “mother” her baby dolls almost as much as she loves Baby (Leah).  She loves purses and jewelry.  She loves clothes.  She is saying more and more words every week.  She can do alot of things on her own now.  She helped me cook dinner the other night.  We’re getting ready to start potty training.  She’s just growing.

She can climb the steps on the play ground by herself.
SDC16016 SDC16019 
She can go down the slide at the play ground by herself.

She has the silliest little personality.  I really love her scrunchy nose smiles.
She likes to throw all of her babies out of their basket so that she can sit in it.

Here’s that scrunchy nose smile again.  She loves her sunglasses.

Here is her first official big girl ponytail.  I was so excited and so sad at the same time.

She has made her own daily chore.  One day I was dusting and she was watching me very closely.  I gave her the duster and told her to dust.  She did.  And she does everyday through out the day.  It keeps me from having to dust and keeps her occupied for a little bit.
SDC16104 SDC16106 SDC16107 SDC16108 SDC16109

Tonight we are making stromboli again.  I will take pictures of her helping me this time and share them with you all.  She is such and awesome little girl.  God has blessed me with a wonderful daughter.

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