Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Coloring and Dough Making with Madelynn

Yesterday was a fun filled day for Miss Madelynn.  After she woke up from her early morning nap (she’s been taking 2 naps again for some reason) she got to color, with markers. She’s never colored with markers before so it was new.  She did pretty ok for her first time with them I think.  Here are the results.
SDC16169    SDC16172 SDC16175    SDC16181 

Then last night she got to help me make Stromboli dough again. 

First she gets to spread the flour on the table while I mix the wet ingredients and yeast together.SDC16196 SDC16197 SDC16198 
After she’s done spreading the flour out she dusts off her hands and insists it’s time for her to add the flour to the wet ingredients.
SDC16205 SDC16208 

So I let her add flour.
Then she gets to help stir.
Then more flour.
She has to make sure it’s all out of the measuring cup.
Then she patiently waits while I start to knead the dough. 
Next I give her a turn.  That open mouth looks like an innocent smile.  But it’s not.
She tried to take a big bite out of the dough.  I was to slow to catch her.  Good thing there’s no egg in that dough.
Attempting another bite.
SDC16224 SDC16226 
Laughing at me because I keep taking the dough away and then giving it back.
Finally helping me knead.
SDC16230 SDC16231 SDC16233 
All done.

Monday, April 26, 2010

All About Madelynn

Madelynn is growing up so fast.  She loves to play with and “mother” her baby dolls almost as much as she loves Baby (Leah).  She loves purses and jewelry.  She loves clothes.  She is saying more and more words every week.  She can do alot of things on her own now.  She helped me cook dinner the other night.  We’re getting ready to start potty training.  She’s just growing.

She can climb the steps on the play ground by herself.
SDC16016 SDC16019 
She can go down the slide at the play ground by herself.

She has the silliest little personality.  I really love her scrunchy nose smiles.
She likes to throw all of her babies out of their basket so that she can sit in it.

Here’s that scrunchy nose smile again.  She loves her sunglasses.

Here is her first official big girl ponytail.  I was so excited and so sad at the same time.

She has made her own daily chore.  One day I was dusting and she was watching me very closely.  I gave her the duster and told her to dust.  She did.  And she does everyday through out the day.  It keeps me from having to dust and keeps her occupied for a little bit.
SDC16104 SDC16106 SDC16107 SDC16108 SDC16109

Tonight we are making stromboli again.  I will take pictures of her helping me this time and share them with you all.  She is such and awesome little girl.  God has blessed me with a wonderful daughter.

I’ve been on a sewing kick.

I’ve been on a sewing kick the past week.  I’ve made a skirt for myself, a laptop bag that has turned into another one of Madelynn’s purses, 2 dresses for a friend(I don’t have pictures of those), and a dress for Madelynn.  I have at least 2 more projects that I want to do right now and then 1 I’m going to do in the near future.  I want to make Madelynn a skirt that matches mine and then I want to make me a skirt that matches Madelynn’s dress.  I really love the idea of us matching.  So here are my projects.

  My skirt.  I found the idea and tutorial for it at Keeping it Simple.

Next up we have my laptop bag.  I found the tutorial for this over at My Backyard Eden.  I modified the bag for me.  Also because I couldn’t do things like add a zipper or that super cute ruffle she has on hers.

SDC16120 SDC16121 SDC16122 

Finally we have the reversible sundress I made Madelynn.  It is oh so adorable and Madelynn loves it.  It took me 2 hours to make it.  It will probably take me less time to make another one since I know what I’m doing now.  It’s super easy.  I found the tutorial and pattern over at Me and Madeline.  I don’t know if she says her daughter’s name the same way I say mine but Madeline is a cutie too.  I’ve decided I’m going to call this dress the rainbow sherbert sundress.  The orange fabric I used is eyelet fabric.  I used a cute green on the back so that it shows through the eyelet holes.  You can’t see that very well in the pictures.  I tried to take 1 to show you but it didn’t work out to well I don’t think.

 SDC16144 SDC16154 SDC16155 SDC16140

The reverse side.


And this picture is just for fun.  Madelynn and I have the same purple flip-flops.  Her feet are SO MUCH smaller than mine but they kinda look the same. SDC16115

I hope you can get some great ideas from the things I’ve made.  They were all super easy and didn’t consume much time.  I did all of the projects but the dress during 1 naptime.  The dress I did last night before bed.

Monday, April 19, 2010

I want to win this!

At the Fence has and awesome Noah's Ark table and chairs giveaway going on right now.  It looks so awesome.  I've been wanting to get Madelynn a table and chairs.  I really hope I win this!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Our Trip to Kentucky

This weekend we went to Kentucky to visit Casey’s Grandma and Grandpa.  We always go Easter weekend because Casey has 4 days off work.  I love going to visit them.  We have so much fun.  I was definitely a little worried about going this time.  Last year when we went Madelynn was only 3 months old.  She was nursed to sleep so there was no problem getting her to go to sleep then.  Now she’s completely weaned and had only slept in her bed.  I was so scared she wouldn’t sleep and she’d be super cranky the whole time we were there.  She proved me wrong.  She slept at night AND napped during the day.  Granted she didn’t sleep as much as she would have if she were at home, and it started to show in her attitude by Sunday, but she did great compared to what I had expected.  We did all sorts of fun stuff.  We went to Dollar General Market.  That place is just awesome!  It’s a mixture of Walmart, Aldi’s, and Dollar Tree.  I want one here.  When we came home MiMaw(Casey’s Grandma) or MiMi, as Madelynn called her this weekend, pulled Madelynn around in a wagon.  Madelynn enjoyed herself.  Then it was naptime.  Madelynn took a nap while we played dominos.  SDC15974 SDC15988 
Playin with the purse, bracelet, and necklace Grandma got her at the store.  She’s so girly.

We also went to Goodwill while we were down there.  Madelynn rode in a golf cart with Grandma and Mary. SDC15999

She also laid in the floor and watched a movie.SDC16009 SDC16003 SDC16004

And we all did a whole lot of visiting.  We enjoyed ourselves.  Madelynn will always want to travel with Grandma.  She got to eat Doritos, grapes, white castles, and chocolate shake on the way down there.  There was plenty of sugar and good stuff on the way back as well.  I’m looking forward to going back down there for Christmas.  Though I realized that I am never going to truly have a vacation ever again now that I’m a mommy.

And just for fun here are a few more pictures of Madelynn from this weekend.


Showin Daddy her new purse.SDC15995

Unwrapping a Reese's egg on her own.SDC15969 SDC15970 SDC15971

Playin with her purse again.SDC15992