Monday, March 22, 2010

Uh Oh!

That is one of the newer words in Madelynn's vocabulary.  It is also the scariest and one of the cutest words in her vocabulary.
At first when she said "uh oh" it was because she dropped one of her toys or baby dolls.  It was the most darling thing for about a week.  Then, she realized that "uh oh"s can be things that she intends to do rather than accidentally does.
She drops a baby doll, "uh oh".
She drops her cup, "uh oh".
She throws her toy laptop over the arm of the couch, "uh oh".
She opens a box of cereal and pours it all over the floor, "uh oh"
She dumps her milk out in her bed, "uh oh".
She takes the lid off her water and pours it out, "uh oh".
She has a poop explosion during nap time, "uh oh".
She opens a box of Daddy's cards, "uh oh".
She grinds a cereal bar into the carpet, "uh oh".
She dumps her lunch in the floor after only taken 2 bites of it, "uh oh".
See, "uh oh" can be a wide range of things.  From accidents to intentional acts.  The sound of that word causes me to run in whichever direction it came from.  I never know what I am going to find.


Amy Matthews said...

heehee, she's such a trouble maker! I love her so much.

Nicole Renee said...

but it's so cute!