Sunday, March 14, 2010

In the Mommy Business

My friend Nicole and I were talking last night.  We both love doing reviews.  We think it's fun.  And since we each only have 1 kid we have time for it to be a hobby.  So we decided to make a mommy review blog.  We're both going to work together on it.  It seems like a pretty perfect idea.  She has a little boy and I have a little girl.  So we can review stuff for both genders.  We each have 1 kid so we have the time like I said before.  We were pretty good friends in High School, before she graduated, so we get along.  We're hoping since we're going together on this we will be able to get more followers and do more giveaways.  Cause I mean, who doesn't love a good giveaway?  I'll post the links to all of our reviews and giveaways on here still.  I'm pretty excited about it.  I've been looking for a hobby.  So before I go on and on for to long.  Our site is called In the Mommy Business.  We've put the reviews that each of us have done so far up on there.  We have a twitter account, Mommy_Business.  We're really hoping this works out. Thanks for reading and hope to see you over there too.

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