Saturday, March 13, 2010

I should...but I'm not.

I should be doing dishes...but I'm not.
I should write a review for some soap...but I'm not.
I should start on my bible study for this week...but I'm not.
I should mop my kitchen floor, still...but I'm not.
I should go clean my bathroom...but I'm not.
I should be getting dressed...but I'm not.
I should get off the computer...but I'm not.

Instead I'm sitting here writing this post about what I'm not doing and drinking hot peppermint tea.

I also have heartburn because I ate oatmeal this morning.  For as long as I can remember I've gotten heartburn from eating oatmeal.  It doesn't matter if it's instant or old fashioned oats.  It sucks.
This morning I woke up starving. I never wake up hungry. I'm kinda hoping that's a sign of something.  But it's probably not.  I don't know if you can tell that soon anyway.  I still got like 10 days to go.  I hate this countdown every month.  It's miserable.  I know God knows what's going on and He has His own timing.  But my goodness, I wish He would hurry up already.  I'm so impatient.  Maybe that's why it's taking forever.  God wants me to be more patient.

I guess I'll go be patient and drink my tea.  I'm probably gonna go take a nap too.


Amy Matthews said...

I should be doing housework but I am commenting on this blog post about what you should be doing.

We are not a good match, we just help each other procrastinate!

I am hoping you are hungry for the rest of the day and then the next four days after that and then you are exhausted for the 6-8 weeks after that.

Is that mean? For me to wish that on you?

Nic **Aedan's Mom** said...

I am exhausted today... and I wish it were something but it probably isn't.

Lets keep wishing and procrastinating together.