Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Birthday Cake!

I know it's kinda late.  Like 2 whole months late but I just made a cake for my friend's son and I realized I never posted anything about Madelynn's birthday.  Like NOTHING.  It was a pretty busy and stressful day for me.  I was stressed because my mom and dad would be in the same small room and Casey's mom and dad would be in the same small room.  We both come from divorced families so things like baby showers, births, and birthdays are stressful events because we have to get them all together.  Then on top of that there was a whole drama about people not eating.  My whole family knew I was making dinner and my grandma decided that she would cook something "just incase" I didn't have enough food.  When they got there they saw my mom in the kitchen and were angry that she was helping(which doesn't make sense) and decided not to eat because they don't want anything to do with anything she touched. Then my grandpa told everyone that my grandma had made food and invited everyone over to their house for dinner.  I was very angry.  But I think the main reason I didn't post anything is because my camera died.  It went caput.  I wasn't able to save any of my pictures of Madelynn from Thanksgiving to her birthday.  I was really upset about that.  So, if any of my family members that read this, if you have pictures of Madelynn in that time frame could you please send them to me?
ANYWAY!  Onto the post.  Birthday cakes.  I love making cakes.  I always have.  Even when I was alittle girl I would make cakes with my dad, grandma, and mom for every holiday there was.  And I'd always decorate them in interesting and extravagant ways.  Somewhere along the line I stopped making cakes.  It probably happened when I turned into a teenager.  You know, baking wasn't the "cool" thing to do and I tried to be as cool as possible.  But I still somehow ended up a loser.  Well I was reading MckMama's blog and found the Rainbow Cake recipe from I am Baker.  I just HAD to make it.  My grandpa's birthday was coming up so I called my grandma and told her I was making him a cake.  She sounded skeptical, probably because she remembers my crazy childhood creations, but she said ok.  So I made it.  I didn't follow the directions 100%.  For some reason I have a hard time following directions to the T.  Don't know where I got that from.  So the cake ended up leaning.  It looked pretty but it leaned.  I was pleased and disappointed with myself.

But everyone loved it.  So I decided to make another one.  This time it was a Christmas cake.  It was layered like the rainbow cake but instead of rainbow layers it had red and green layers.  I decorated the outside with candy canes.  But unfortunately, due to the faulty camera mentioned above, I don't have any pictures of it.

My next feat was Madelynn's birthday cake.  I had decided I was going to make a large cupcake decorated like a ladybug.  But I couldn't find a large cupcake pan under $30 anywhere and that just defeats the whole purpose of making your own birthday cake because it's cheaper than a store bought one.  So my sister-in-law Amy told me about this place that rents out cake pans.  A week before Madelynn's party I went over there to ask if they had any large cupcake pans.  They didn't but they did have the Wilton ladybug pan.  It was cute and her party was ladybugs.  So I rented it but I was terrified.  I looked online and that cake could only go 2 ways.  It could look good or it could look bad.  There were no in-betweens.  I decided to make the cake for Madelynn and cup cakes for everyone else.  I thought if all else fails and the cake is a disaster I can just give her a cupcake.  That's probably what I just should have done anyway since she didn't eat but like 2 bites of the cake.  I practiced star tipping onto a tupperwear lid and I was pretty sure I had it down.  I was less stressed then.  The cake turned out beautifully.  And so did the cupcakes.  Those were super easy.  And I found out while making the cupcakes that my oven is tilted or something.  That's why the rainbow cake leaned so much I think.
I was talking to my friend about a month ago and she was telling me that she was looking at cakes from a bakery for her son's 1st birthday party and they were quite costly.  So I told her I could make her one.  It only cost like $3.  So I made him a duck cake with cupcakes around it.  She told me she had duck cupcake picks to add to it.
This is what I sent her.
And this is how it turned out after she added the picks and letters.

I love making cakes again.  I pretty much just want to bake all the time.  But I can't do that because I'll gain like 100lbs when I'm trying to lose that.  But I'll probably keep baking for special occasions.


Melody said...

Oh wow! Where did you get the duck cake pan? Angie totally LOVES ducks, and her birthday is coming up. I'm not really artistic, but I think I could manage a duck cake if I could find the pan. LOL

Erin said...

I love the rainbow cake...even leaning (hehe) it looked great! I too love to decorate cakes and get creative with the taste combinations...I really like the way that you did cupcakes with the other ones too.

Practically Spent said...

I like all of them. Now THAT'S a layer cake!! And I think the Momma ladybug/ducky with all their babies is darling.