Thursday, February 11, 2010


I have started making smoothies for breakfast almost every morning. It started out because Madelynn didn't like cow's milk much at first and she was nursing less so I had to get her to drink it. So I made her a smoothie for breakfast. Well now she's over not liking the cow's milk thing but I still love making smoothies. I made the best one by far this morning.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie (and I normally don't like drinkable banana stuff)

Put into your blender

7-9 frozen whole strawberries(I bought the big bag of dole strawberries from walmart)
1/2 frozen banana (cut up bananas, put them on wax paper and freeze them. once frozen stick in a plastic bag )
enough vanilla yogurt to cover everything(I used dannon all natural low-fat vanilla yogurt)

blend and enjoy!

They taste so good and are so good for you. Strawberries and Bananas both are "super foods". They have so many health benefits. And yogurt is an awesome source of protein and vitamins.


Amy Matthews said...

What about milk? Isn't that why you made the smooties so she would drink the milk? Is there milk in the smoothie? How many times do you think I can say milk in one comment?

Eliza Rae said...

I normally put milk in them but I ran out so I couldn't put it in there. I like it better without. But I'll probably still put it in for her when I get some more. But she doesn't have a problem with drinking milk anymore.

Amy said...

i love smoothies. i think i'll start making them when i finally have my own place. i have a whole book about smoothies!

Tanya said...

I am making the same but with a big juicy leaf of locally grown organic Kale - it doesn't change the taste much (just the color :)) but the nutritional value skyrockets! :)