Saturday, December 19, 2009

I should be happy.

This is the Christmas season. I should be happy, joyful, and thankful for all of the things God has given me. But tonight I am not. I am sad and quite upset. Upset at myself for having such a gracious self sacrificing God that loves and cares for me yet I sacrifice nothing. Seriously sitting here I can not think of one thing that I have truly sacrificed. I am so grateful to have my God. I feel like I should be doing more for Him in return for the eternal life He has given me. I feel because I am failing to give more to God I am failing in my marriage and at motherhood. Not to the point of ruining my marriage or being a bad mother but I know I can be a better wife and mother I just have to get closer to God.
I was reading a few of the blogs that I follow this evening and I really almost cried. I almost cried because I know some amazing Godly women. I would really like to be more like them. I just need to know how to get here. If you know of a devotion or personal bible study or anything that could help me get there please let me know. And please pray for me as I strive to reach closer to God.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

kid friendly nail polish!

The Eco-Friendly Family is doing a giveaway for Piggy Paint. Piggy Paint is a nail polish that's safe and chemical free. I've really wanted to paint Madelynn's nails but haven't because I'm so afraid of the chemicals in normal polish. With this stuff I totally could! You should go check out the giveaway here.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Get a FREE Sandwich and some FREE Movies!

I know everyone loves FREE stuff probably just as much as I do. Well I was looking at and they found that have a coupon on there for a FREE sandwich at QuickTrip again. I'm super excited. It's something great to have on the days where you're out running errands all day. Last time they had this coupon I got one of their wraps and it was really good. To get the coupon you can enter the zip code 30097 and it should be in the list of coupons. I don't know why some zip codes don't work and others do but this is the zip code they used at the last time there was a free one.

Also this week I found on one of the coupon and freebie websites that I read a free redbox rental. The code "DVDONME" works for sure. We used it last night. There are a few others too, but I don't know if they work. They are, "SNSV26", "ACME26", and "DVDATWAG". That last one only works at Walgreens redboxs.

Have fun with your free sandwich and free movies!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Grocery Deal! UPDATE

So. I printed out more coupons and went back to Schnucks today. I found out when I was printing out coupons that you can't print out many multiples from the same website. You have to got to,, and to get enough multiples of the coupons to make the trip really worth it. I spent $0 today and got 4 bags of frozen veggies and 3 bags of Chex Mix. Oh yeah, Washington MO's Schnucks is out of all of the bags of vegetables except for broccoli and corn. But they still have tons of the boxes. The coupon for the boxed vegetables is $.50 off of 2 boxes. So because Schnucks doubles it's buy one get one free.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Grocery Deal!

So. I've been reading these blogs that tell you where the best deals on groceries are and how to use coupons to get the most out of your money. So today I decided to use some coupons while going to the grocery store. Schnucks has their 10 items for $10 deal going on right now. I went to get the Green Giant frozen vegetable steamers, chex mix, hand soap, spaghetti sauce, and something else that I can't remember right now. Well I found a coupon on for the vegetables and the chex mix. Each of the coupons were $.50 off. Well Schnucks DOUBLES coupons up to $.50 off. So that means I got a dollar off! A dollar off of something that's already a dollar means FREE! I found out that you can use 1 coupon for each item. So if you got 3 bags of Green Giant frozen veggies then you can use 3 Green Giant frozen veggie coupons. Schnucks policy is that you can only use 15 coupons in one visit. 15 coupons is alot! That's 15 FREE bags of frozen vegetables or 15 FREE bags of Chex Mix, or a combination of the 2. 15 FREE items is 15 FREE items no matter which way you look at it. So go to print out up to 15 coupons for $.50 off Green Giant frozen vegetable steamers or $.50 off Chex Mix and head on over to Schnucks for FREE food. I'm for sure going back tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Please Pray.

My dad's cousin is in not so good condition.
She had cancer a few years ago. With Chemo and Radiation the cancer went away. Everyone thought she was better. Sometime this year her heart showed that it had been weakened through all of the Chemo. She went in a few months ago to get something fixed in her heart or a pacemaker put in, I'm not sure. No one ever said exactly what she had done. While she was recovering from the surgery there was either a blood clot or a clot of plaque that causes her feet to swell and her toes turned purple and then black. The hospital she was in did not care for her very well and couldn't even tell her exactly what was wrong at first. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving she was doing better. Not great but better. They moved her to a nursing home to recover more because her insurance would not cover her staying in the hospital any longer. Monday night at the nursing home she was talking to her mother, sister, and boyfriend and told them that she was just going to turn over and rest for a bit. She told them they could stay and didn't have to leave. When she turned over she had a massive heart attack. When they got to her she was not breathing and her heart was not beating. The nursing home didn't have any oxygen or heart paddles. Her mother and sister are nurses and were trying to revive her. They weren't successful. It took the ambulance bringing in paddles to bring her back. She was out for a long time. They took her to a different hospital. She had another massive heart attack while in the hospital. They did tests on her and have told them more on what was wrong in the last 24 hours than the other hospital did in a month. She is heavily sedated and hooked up to every machine imaginable. They have her strapped to the bed because she keeps trying to pull her tubes out. They don't know how much brain damage she suffered because she was out. But she is responsive. I took my dad to see her last night and she nodded when he talked to her and squeezed his hand in response to things he said. This is hard for my dad because they were best friends when they were kids.
If you remember would you please pray for her. Pray that if God wants her to remain on this earth with us that He will heal her quickly and if He wants her in Heaven with Him that He will take her quickly and end her pain.