Monday, November 9, 2009

Toy Box

I really want a wooden toy box for Madelynn. I finally found one that I really like. It's wooden and I can get her name laser engraved onto it! How neat is that? AND I found a giveaway for it! Double neat!! I always wanted my own toy box as a kid and now I have a chance to get Madelynn one. I'm so excited!


Amy Matthews said...

BEWARE, if you have more kids they will also want thier own box. Just a thought. I love personalized stuff too, but its very impractical. Not trying to rain on the parade or anything just saying.

Amy Matthews said...

Also if you get one you should totally get the one that says OSCAR, that one is cute. I mean who doesn't like the name OSCAR :)

Momma Nic (moderndayverona) said...

Good Luck, hope you win it. Jeff is going to build one for Aedan using a design his sister used for her kids.