Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Feel like Blogging.

It's 11:15pm. My husband and daughter are in bed and have been for several hours now. I'm browning rolls for my husband to take to work because I've procrastinated on it all night. And I just feel like blogging. It's weird. I never really wanna sit down and type something. Tonight I want to and I can't think of anything to type.

I guess I can give you a Madelynn update. She is almost officially walking. She's currently unofficially walking. I guess that's how you'd say it. She can walk like 3 feet and sometimes further but most of the time she only takes afew steps and then goes straight back to crawling. That's why I say she's unofficially walking. But she's getting there. She's not getting up to her feet without pulling up yet. So when she does that and is walking more than a few steps at a time that's when she'll be officially walking. But for now I like it unofficial. It's cute and she's still a baby and isn't getting into everything yet. And I like that.
She can say a few words. She says "Daddy", "Baby", "Byebye", sometimes just "Bye", occasionally when she feels like it "dog", also occasionally when she feels like it "Hi", "PaPa", and "Dat!" which we think means that she either wants what she is pointing at or wants to know what she is pointing at is, we're not quite sure yet. She makes a whole ton of other sounds. The other night while we were eating dinner Madelynn looked and me and said "OHM!" kinda like she was biting into something, then she looked at Casey and said "OHM!" and then she looked back at me and did it. I cracked up and couldn't stop laughing so she didn't stop doing it. She just looked back and forth between us and made the sound over and over. If only I could speak her language I'm sure we'd carry on conversations all day long. She's rarely silent.
She's definitely already throwing fits when she doesn't get her way. We're hoping it doesn't get to terribly bad since she's starting it early. We'll see.
She loves clothes. I pick 2 outfits out most mornings and let her pick from those. When we're at the store she mostly keeps her hands to herself unless we're going through the clothes section. Then she's touching everything.
I just bought her a baby doll the other day. She loves and kisses the baby. It's super cute. Though she's not as extreame and excited about that baby as she is Leah. Oh boy does Madelynn love her cousin Leah. She jumps up and down and shrieks when she sees Leah. She loves touching and kissing her. I can't wait until Leah gets bigger. Those 2 are going to be best friends whether Leah likes it or not.
I could go on and on about the things Madelynn does but I'm sure you'll get bored.

I'm currently looking for a hobby. But hobbies are hard to come by. Especially when you're on a budget. I hate that playing on facebook and such is currently my hobby. I feel kinda addicted to it. It's kinda ridiculous. I would love to make something like baking my hobby but Casey and I would both gain like 100lbs. I like making Tutus. That could be my hobby but you can only make so many Tutus and then you'll run out of girls to give them to. Granted I can think of about 10 girls to give them to. But it only takes an hour and a half to make a Tutu. That's only 10 nap times. That means only 10 days at the most. I guess I could stretch that out over a month. But who wants a month long hobby? I can't wait until Madelynn gets old enough for crafts and stuff. I'm sure we'll do a craft at least once a week. That was my favorite thing to do as a kid. I always looked forward to going to my Grandma's when I was to young to go to school and then the summer time when I was school age. My Grandma always had the coolest crafts for us to do. We did them more than once a week. I guess I could start my Christmas craft early. We've decided that we're only going to buy presents for the kids and then I'm going to make a Christmas craft for all of the adults. I used to to it when I was a kid too. But now I'm older so the crafts should be better. I haven't 100% decided on what my craft is going to be this year yet. I have 2 options. I guess it all depends on which one is cheaper.

Well I think I need to go to bed now. My rolls are brown. My eyes are heavy. It's now 11:45pm. So, goodnight.

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Elizabeth said...

That picture to the right of baby and hubby is precious :)