Monday, November 2, 2009

AH! Babies!

People keep having babies(I know 3 girls that are due in the next week) and talking about babies. Also I keep getting reminded that soon my baby will be 1. And she'll no longer be a baby. She'll be a toddler. That's only 8 weeks away!!! It makes me want to crying just thinking about it. I'm sure the morning of her first birthday will be spent in tears.
I want another baby. Haven't really told anyone because of some of the comments that tend to come your way when you already have a baby. Lately when someone asks me when we're going to have another baby or if we're going to have one. I just tell them I don't know when. Cause really I don't. Only God knows when. But I want one now! I want another baby. I want Madelynn to have a brother or sister. Though if Casey could get his way it would definitely be a brother. Oh yeah, did I mention that he wants one too!
So Amy and Amanda, hopefully sometime soon I will be able to tell you that, yes I am tired because I'm pregnant.
But until then I'm just gonna love my baby that I have and hope that she'll let me hug and snuggle her and not push away because she's to busy growing and learning to just lay there and snuggle with Mama sometimes, and pray that God will give us another baby soon.


Vicki said...

Congratulations Eliza! I'll say a prayer for you & that God will send you a new baby soon. :)

Amy Matthews said...

i am super excited for madelynn to have a baby brother or sister too, she loves babies.

i also can't wait for her bday party :)

God knows best and He is working in His time. Sometimes we don't agree with it, but we know that He knows what He is doing :) Its hard to wait for Him though. Good lesson in patience.