Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Rainbow Cake.

I made a rainbow cake for my Grandpa's birthday. It was quite an experience. I enjoyed making the cake. But I got very frustrated with it at the end. It took me a total of 7-8ish hours to make it. Not counting the fact that it sat in the fridge over night to set the layers. I didn't follow the directions exactly. You're only supposed to use 2 boxes of cake mix and divide each of those into 3. Instead I used 3 boxes of cake mix and divided them each into 2. BIG MISTAKE! When you do that things smoosh and slide and you can't get your cake plate lid on. So then you have to transport a huge cake down Hwy A(about 10-15 miles of curves) on your lap just praying the whole time it doesn't decide to lean even more and end up all over you. Anyway. On to the pretty pictures.

This is all of the cakes baked and ready to be layered.

The first 3 layers. They're straight and even. So smooshing yet.

The next 3 layers. Notice how one half of the purple layer is smooshed. Just wait. You'll see where that ends up.

The top after icing. The G stands for Grandpa. Some people were confused by that because my Grandpa's name is Fred.

The side. This is where the smooshing of the purple layer got me. It smooshed even more. The longer it sat there the more the cake leaned. It made me sad. But it was because I didn't follow the directions 100%

The beautiful inside! It was definitely the best when I cut it open and everyone was shocked and suprised that it was a rainbow. Not everyone knew it was a rainbow cake. But I was also sad because the bottom 3 layers are so tiny. Because they got smooshed.

The cake was delicious. The icing was the best part. And now I have learned from my mistakes and next time I make it it will hopefully be better.


Klenck5 said...

Congratulations on a great cake!!
I am anxious to tackle making that cake. I just have to set aside one whole day to do it. Thanks for posting about it.

Mindy said...

I saw this on MckMama's blog too and LOVED it! It just looks so yummy. I'd say good job for the first time making it! Who knows how it would turn out if I made one...

Momma Nic (moderndayverona) said...

That is an awesome cake!