Monday, October 5, 2009

Band Festival!

When I was little my dad and mom would take me to the Washington Marching Band Festival every year. I loved seeing the bands perform. I always though the color guard girl's flags were so pretty. I was just so neat to me. I always said that I would be in Marching Band when I grew up.
Well when I was in School I was in the band. And my favorite part of the year was Marching Band season. I loved learning the shows and competing. I loved the parades. I loved how one second it was so cold that you thought your fingers might fall off if you played anymore but then the next you could be so hot you'd think it was the middle of summer again. I loved it all. It was just so much fun for me.
This weekend was the Washington Marching Band Festival. I took Madelynn to it. I mean, how could I not? It was something that I loved doing every year as a kid. I want my children to get the joy out of it that I did. She won't ever get to be in marching band because we are going to do Homeschooling. I feel kinda sad about that. That is the only thing I'm sad about her missing out on. My dad actually told me that I should start a Homeschool Marching Band. It sounds like fun. So we'll see if I ever do that. But anyway. We went to the parade at 8 in the morning. It was so cold. Then we went home for a nap and lunch. After that we went to the Band Festival. Madelynn loved it. She squealed and yelled at the bands. It was so much fun for me to watch her that I don't think I saw even half of the bands. This is something we are definitely going to do every year.
At the parade.
Yelling at the middle school boys that are selling Festival Programs.
She hear the first band but couldn't find it.
She spotted it.

And just stared at them the whole time.
There was a person sitting close to us with a dog that she could barely take her eyes off of.
At the festival we got Hamburgers. I had Madelynn in the sling and as I was eating mine she tried to take a bite so I let her have some.


Amy Matthews said...

yep, shes super cute, i love the hamburger pics! the band idea sounds great :)

Mindy said...

I used to perform there as part of an awesome Color Guard (okay, I'm a little biased)... :)
Washington was probably my favorite competition! Not too hot, not too cold!