Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My first experience with cloth diapers.

Warning: The post contains talk of things that happen in baby's diapers. It's not for the weak of stomach.

I have been wanting to switch over to cloth diapers. But to get going on that it seems that you have to have quite a bit of extra money laying around. And you also need a washer and dryer at your home. Well I don't have either. But I was thinking, maybe if I could get ahold of one of those old wash boards that I could wash them in my bath tub every other day and then on my one laundry day of the week I could wash them in a washing machine. It seemed like a good idea to me. Well I don't have that wash board yet all I have is my 2 hands and the bath tub. I was talking to a blogger that I follow that uses cloth diapers and asked her how she switched over. She said she started out reviewing diapers. So I was like hey I could do that. So I got ahold of some cloth diaper companies and the lovely people at FuzziBunz are letting me review 2 of their diapers. How sweet is that?

I received them in the mail last week. I used one the first day I got them since it didn't say you had to pre-wash them or anything. They are SO soft on the inside. I know if I was a baby I'd prefer to have that on my butt all day. The first one I used was the Perfect Size diaper. The diaper's absorbency was awesome. It didn't leak or anything. But I didn't like how bulky it was. I knew cloth diapers were bulkier but not that much. I figured it would be the size of Madelynn's wet diaper when she wakes up in the morning. But it's like 2 of those put together. So I liked it for the softness and that it didn't leak but I didn't so much like the bulk.

I decided to wait a few days to use the other one because we weren't going to be home for very long and I'm still not sure about them and what do I do if she poops? Well I got to find that one out. The second one was a One Size diaper. I definitely liked it better than the Perfect Size. It was less bulky. I put it on Madelynn alittle after her 1st nap. I forgot I had put it on her. She had it on her for 3 hours? Maybe alittle longer. I laid her down for her second nap and she didn't go to sleep like usual. When I went in there to check on her she stank! I was terrified. I was totally not ready for a poopy cloth diaper. Not one bit. I laid her down on the changing table and was totally grossing out because I knew what I was gonna have to do. I took the diaper off her cleaned her up and put a clean one on and then went to the bathroom to clean the other one. It totally wasn't bad at all. Maybe if she was still little and it was still runny, seedy, mustard poop it would have been worse. But since she's eating solids now it was to bad. I mean it stank and I wanted to gag from that but the rest of it wasn't to bad.

There was only 1 thing I didn't like about either one of them. I didn't like how the spot where you stuck the insert in gaped open. I wish there was a way to close it or that it wasn't so loose.

So, if I had a washer and dryer, cause I'm not hand scrubbin the poopy ones, or I could predict when my daughter would poop and could put a disposable on her for that, I would do the whole cloth diaper thing. Or maybe after she turns 1 where the poop doesn't have liquidyness to it anymore. Who knows. I just know I like them.

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