Saturday, September 19, 2009


Tomorrow I am going to be 21. Someone told me that I'm really an adult now. That got me to thinking. What makes an adult? Is it the age or is it how the person acts? For example, my cousin is 24, she lives with my grandparents, pays no bills but car insurance, goes out and parties on the weekends, sleeps until noon when she has the day off, and overall still acts like she's 16. But she's 24 so she insists that she's an adult. When my grandparents tell her to stop partying or to clean up her room or help out with the house work she tells that that she's an adult, don't tell her what to do. Is that all an adult is to some people? You can make your own decisions now. No one can tell you what to do anymore? I thought being an adult was having responsibilities like having your own house or apartment, paying your bills, taking actions in your life to better yourself and your family. Way back in the day I think by the time you hit 15 or something you were considered an adult. You were expected to go out and get married and make a home of your own and if you were a man support your family. Now the age of being really an adult is 21? When did that happen? How did it get pushed back so far? Why are children allowed to be brats and not have responsibility until they are 21 or even later in some cases. It just amazes me.

Another thing I was told about being 21 is that I get to drink now. I have been asked I don't know how many times if I'm going to go out and get a drink on Sunday. Um no! I have no desire to consume alcohol. Why is that such a big deal? I've been told, "oh come on, just one drink won't hurt you." Why don't people understand I have no desire to drink something that makes me not think clearly. Also I am breastfeeding. So people want me to not think clearly and they want me to hurt my baby while I'm at it. Really? Think about it.

Tomorrow I am going to be 21. I am going to church. I am going to have a party with my Sunday School kids. Then after church I am going to have cake with my family. Then I'm going out to eat with my husband and daughter. I am not going to the bar or casino. I am not staying out all night. I am not sleeping in till noon the next day because I have a hang over. For me 21 is just another year. It holds no significance other than God let me live another year on this earth.

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