Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Body after Baby

So I'm joining this challenge to try to be healthier and lose some weight. I have started another blog to keep track of it. Kinda like a food/exercise journal. I'm hoping that having this group of women and this other blog to keep me accountable that I will succeed in what I am trying to do. You will hear no more of this challenge on this blog. So if you want to check up on my progress or something you can check out the other one.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Tomorrow I am going to be 21. Someone told me that I'm really an adult now. That got me to thinking. What makes an adult? Is it the age or is it how the person acts? For example, my cousin is 24, she lives with my grandparents, pays no bills but car insurance, goes out and parties on the weekends, sleeps until noon when she has the day off, and overall still acts like she's 16. But she's 24 so she insists that she's an adult. When my grandparents tell her to stop partying or to clean up her room or help out with the house work she tells that that she's an adult, don't tell her what to do. Is that all an adult is to some people? You can make your own decisions now. No one can tell you what to do anymore? I thought being an adult was having responsibilities like having your own house or apartment, paying your bills, taking actions in your life to better yourself and your family. Way back in the day I think by the time you hit 15 or something you were considered an adult. You were expected to go out and get married and make a home of your own and if you were a man support your family. Now the age of being really an adult is 21? When did that happen? How did it get pushed back so far? Why are children allowed to be brats and not have responsibility until they are 21 or even later in some cases. It just amazes me.

Another thing I was told about being 21 is that I get to drink now. I have been asked I don't know how many times if I'm going to go out and get a drink on Sunday. Um no! I have no desire to consume alcohol. Why is that such a big deal? I've been told, "oh come on, just one drink won't hurt you." Why don't people understand I have no desire to drink something that makes me not think clearly. Also I am breastfeeding. So people want me to not think clearly and they want me to hurt my baby while I'm at it. Really? Think about it.

Tomorrow I am going to be 21. I am going to church. I am going to have a party with my Sunday School kids. Then after church I am going to have cake with my family. Then I'm going out to eat with my husband and daughter. I am not going to the bar or casino. I am not staying out all night. I am not sleeping in till noon the next day because I have a hang over. For me 21 is just another year. It holds no significance other than God let me live another year on this earth.

cute idea.

So if you know me you know that I always have 2 shirts on. There's always a different color shirt hanging out from under the shirt I am wearing or at least half way hanging out. I love layering my clothes but sometimes the shirt underneath rides up and you can no longer see it. Or the shirt I'm wearing on top rides up because there is so much material there that you can see to much of the undershirt. Well one of the giveaway blogs that I follow is doing a giveaway on this nifty idea. It's called a Hip-T. Probably one of the coolest fashion inventions I've ever seen. You don't have to worry about anything riding up or your butt hanging out or any other issues that come with layering your shirts. The other cool thing about it is if you've just hand a baby and things are hanging out now that weren't before, it holds it all in for you. How awesome is that?! I'm definitely entering for this as many times as I can and if I don't win it I'm probably just going to buy one.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Madelynn's Bedroom!

We moved into a 2 bedroom apartment about a month and a half ago. We love the apartment. Even with it's few defects.
Though pretty much anything would be better than what we were living in. Now that we are moved Madelynn has her own bedroom! She doesn't have to sleep in the living room anymore. I am so excited for her and for Casey and I. She can rest better and she has her own space, though that doesn't matter to her now it will later. And I have space to decorate my house the way I want to. Also, I can do dishes and clean all during naptime and not have to worry once if I'm going to wake her up. We can have friends over now and not have to worry about where they're going to sit or about rushing them out at 7pm so we can put Madelynn to bed. It's all just so much better and it makes me feel like we're living in a normal house instead of our whole house being one big bedroom, well really one little bedroom. I am slowly getting her room decorated. I didn't have much to decorate with because I didn't need much before because there was no where to put it. Now I have a whole room to decorate. I wanted to share with you what I have done so far. I like it.

Her pile of animals. I have to get a pet net still.

Her rocker. I think I'm going to get another curtain for the window. I only had the money for the 1 when I bought it.

I made that M on the wall. I'm not 100% finished with it. I have to get a ladybug and a flower to put on it yet and then I will post about it.

After I took this picture I realized that her close are so pink.
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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My first experience with cloth diapers.

Warning: The post contains talk of things that happen in baby's diapers. It's not for the weak of stomach.

I have been wanting to switch over to cloth diapers. But to get going on that it seems that you have to have quite a bit of extra money laying around. And you also need a washer and dryer at your home. Well I don't have either. But I was thinking, maybe if I could get ahold of one of those old wash boards that I could wash them in my bath tub every other day and then on my one laundry day of the week I could wash them in a washing machine. It seemed like a good idea to me. Well I don't have that wash board yet all I have is my 2 hands and the bath tub. I was talking to a blogger that I follow that uses cloth diapers and asked her how she switched over. She said she started out reviewing diapers. So I was like hey I could do that. So I got ahold of some cloth diaper companies and the lovely people at FuzziBunz are letting me review 2 of their diapers. How sweet is that?

I received them in the mail last week. I used one the first day I got them since it didn't say you had to pre-wash them or anything. They are SO soft on the inside. I know if I was a baby I'd prefer to have that on my butt all day. The first one I used was the Perfect Size diaper. The diaper's absorbency was awesome. It didn't leak or anything. But I didn't like how bulky it was. I knew cloth diapers were bulkier but not that much. I figured it would be the size of Madelynn's wet diaper when she wakes up in the morning. But it's like 2 of those put together. So I liked it for the softness and that it didn't leak but I didn't so much like the bulk.

I decided to wait a few days to use the other one because we weren't going to be home for very long and I'm still not sure about them and what do I do if she poops? Well I got to find that one out. The second one was a One Size diaper. I definitely liked it better than the Perfect Size. It was less bulky. I put it on Madelynn alittle after her 1st nap. I forgot I had put it on her. She had it on her for 3 hours? Maybe alittle longer. I laid her down for her second nap and she didn't go to sleep like usual. When I went in there to check on her she stank! I was terrified. I was totally not ready for a poopy cloth diaper. Not one bit. I laid her down on the changing table and was totally grossing out because I knew what I was gonna have to do. I took the diaper off her cleaned her up and put a clean one on and then went to the bathroom to clean the other one. It totally wasn't bad at all. Maybe if she was still little and it was still runny, seedy, mustard poop it would have been worse. But since she's eating solids now it was to bad. I mean it stank and I wanted to gag from that but the rest of it wasn't to bad.

There was only 1 thing I didn't like about either one of them. I didn't like how the spot where you stuck the insert in gaped open. I wish there was a way to close it or that it wasn't so loose.

So, if I had a washer and dryer, cause I'm not hand scrubbin the poopy ones, or I could predict when my daughter would poop and could put a disposable on her for that, I would do the whole cloth diaper thing. Or maybe after she turns 1 where the poop doesn't have liquidyness to it anymore. Who knows. I just know I like them.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Baby Emails.

So you know those emails that you sign up for when you're pregnant? The ones that give you the updates on what's going on with the baby inside of you? And then when you have your baby they send you the weekly/monthly email that tells you what your baby should be doing or start doing now. Well I still get those. And for some reason still read them. Recently they have started to aggravate me. My daughter seems to be advanced in the whole moving thing apparently according to those emails. She started sitting up on her own and scooting on her belly at 5 months-ish. Well last month I started receiving emails that are like, "Hey! Your baby can sit up on her own this month! And she may start rolling all over the place!" Dude. She was rolling all over the place at like 3 1/2 or 4 months. Now I'm getting emails that are saying "Hey! You baby is going to start crawling or scooting this month! She may even think about pulling up on stuff!" Sorry Mr. Email guy, my baby has been scooting for the last 2-3 months. And she's been pulling up for the last month and a half-ish. And I've asked my sister-in-law Amy about it and her kids were doing the same thing at around the same times as Madelynn. I just don't get it. I'm probably over reacting to this too but it's drivin me nuts.
Anyway. That's my complaint for the day.