Monday, July 20, 2009

Giveaway Addict.

So I've been really into giveaways lately. That seems to be what I do in my free time now. Either look for recipies or free stuff. I take part in every free giveaway I can think of. I will follow endless amouts of people on twitter, become the fan of who knows howmany groups/organizations on Facebook all for giveaways on blogs. I'm signed of for I don't know how many mailing lists for free stuff. I don't know how far is to far before you can say you're addicted to getting free stuff but I think I may have hit that point. And so, in an attempt to win something else, I am going to blog about these cool, economy friendly, stainless steal water bottles by EarthLust. They're actually pretty neat. My grandma bought one a few weeks ago and was showing it to me. She said they keep your water really cold and they don't leak or anything and they're not made of plastic so they're not leaking cancer into your water. I really wanted to get one then but really who has $20 to spend on a water bottle? I know I don't. So this morning when I woke up, after helping Casey get ready for work, feeding Madelynn, changing her, and putting her back to sleep, I got on the computer and found THIS giveaway on a blog that I follow. I'm super excited. I have done everything I can to win the water bottle. I've never actually won anything from all of my giveaways. I don't even know why I still do them. But here I am again. Entering my heart away in yet another giveaway.


Amy Matthews said...

Who doesn't like free stuff? I have a better idea for all your free time though :) You have two choices. Come to my house and do the dishes and clean the floors, or read this great book I finished not long ago! Feminie Appeal! I know which one I would choose :)

Its actually Amandas book so I will hav eto ask if I can loan it to you but you have to read it! Its not that long only like 9 chapters and its a super easy read. It will change you life in the best ways. Even if you only read a page or two a day you have got to read it!

PS hope you win that cool water bottle :) I tried to win a GoGirl from MckMamma's blog the other day but soooo many other enter for her giveaways. I just thought Rylin could use it since she is always having to pee when we go out and now I have to take the training potty in the van with me on every semi long trip :)

amanda said...

free stuff is always fun!! and megan is super cool to win something from. :0)