Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So I've started 2 blog posts in the past week or so but have never gotten around to actually posting them. So I'm really posting this one this time. This week I have began to let my daughter cry it out. The first 2 nights were failures. She cried for over an hour and didn't go to sleep and I ended up putting her to sleep. Well tonight is night 3 and it was not unsuccessful. SHE PUT HERSELF TO SLEEP! After 55min of crying. And her momma's nerves still being a wreck. I really want to just go pick her up and hold her little sleeping self right now but I know I can't. It'll ruin everything. I kept a log tonight. To pass the time and to have something to look at tomorrow night when she's screaming her head off. Here it is;
6:55 laid her down fussed for a few seconds
7:00 no crying
7:02 started fussing/crying
7:08 went to check on her. as soon as I left the room she started crying again.
7:13 stopped crying for almost a whole min.
7:15 went to check on her. started crying when I walked away. made it to the door this time though.
7:22 went to check. started crying as soon as I walked away
7:32 went to check. started crying, well more like screaming when I walked away
7:49 went to check. cried when I walked away.
7:51 stopped crying
7:55 fussed
7:56 no more fussing
8:05 no noise at all. I think she might be asleep.
8:15 went to check. SHE'S ASLEEP!!!
Yep so that was a little over an hour of my life tonight. I'm hoping tomorrow night goes better. Or at least the same. Now I will leave you with pictures of my beautiful baby. Oh yeah, I forgot to fix all the red eye again. So if that bothers you I'm sorry.

Madelynn with My Grandma. Grandma's not to good at the whole picture taking thing. She hates it just as much as I do.

Madelynn with Alaina(her 3rd cousin? My cousin Alicia's baby)

Madelynn with My Cousin Brittney

My precious sleeping little girl. With her first pony tail in her hair.

An awake picture of Madelynn's first pony tail.

Madelynn sure does love Rylin.

These 2 are going to be best friends.

Ry, loves just to watch Madelynn. I can't wait until Amy has Leah. I just want to watch Rylin with her. Well after I get to hold her that is.

My little lady sittin up. Look at those crossed legs.


So serious with all that drool and snot. But so cute.

My little Who!


Munchin on a rice cake.

a really yummy rice cake.


Naked happy baby!! I love it when she laughs or smiles.

Madelynn and My Mom. Can you believe someone said we look like sisters?!? I don't look that old! jk. My mom is pretty when her hair is down.

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Amy Matthews said...

I am excited that Madelynn got herself to sleep. You will all be happier when she can do that all the time. And it will be easier for when #2 comes ;)