Saturday, May 9, 2009

Madelynn went to the Doctor and "NOT ME!" Monday

Today I took Madelynn to the Doctor. She did FABULOUS! She had 2 shots and barely even fussed. She's now 17lbs5oz and 26in long. I think the last time I took her to the Dr. I said she was 26in but I was wrong she was 24. But she's gettin big! She is now playin. The shots didn't really seem to faze her at all. Which is awesome for me because I HATE them.

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama.

So this week I have decided to participate in "Not Me!" Monday. I've enjoyed reading what other people "don't" do and decided it would be fun. So here goes.

I DID NOT make cinnamon rolls late last Saturday night and then NOT clean up the flour mess until Monday morning because I just didn't have time. NOT ME! That would just be lazy.

I DID NOT let my grandma feed Madelynn a piece of banana that was barely mushed up, not thinking that her dad is allergic to them so she might be too. NOT ME! That would be irresponsible.(Thank God she's not allergic)

I DID NOT leave my sleeping baby in her carseat right in front of my bath room door just so I could shower and she would stay sleeping. And in case she woke up I would hear her. NOT ME! That's just selfish.

I DID NOT leave the house everyday this week around one of Madelynn's nap times because I had things to do, therefor she had to sleep in the car. NOT ME! That's just in consistant.

I DID NOT lose the card that tells me when Madelynn's next Dr's appointment is and then hope all this week that they would call and confirm the appointment because I was almost 100% possitive it was this week. NOT ME! That would just be completely disorganized.

(the appointment's on Monday. They finally called and confirmed on Friday.)

I DID NOT wake my daughter up an hour before she normaly gets up BOTH Friday and Saturday to go to Yard Sales. NOT ME! That would be just wrong and selfish.

While Yard Saleing(that is a word by the way) my daughter DID NOT poop so I DID NOT have to pull over to the side of the road to change her diaper. While changing her diaper she DID NOT pee on the changing pad. I DID NOT forget to pack another pair of clothes in the diaper bag(again). So I DID NOT leave her in the pajamas she just peed on(it was only on the part that was touching the diaper, it didn't touch her skin). NOT ME! That would be just wrong and grose.

What didn't you do this week?

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L. said...

making a mess on saturday night and cleaning it up on monday is faster than I can do it! :) You're funny. Thanks for sharing.