Sunday, April 5, 2009


On Wednesday we are leaving after Casey gets off work to go to Kentucky to see his Grandparents for Easter. They haven't met Madelynn yet and I'm really excited that they get to meet her. We're gonna stay from late Wednesday night to Sunday morning. Then we're heading home so Madelynn can see all of her other Grandparets and Great Grandparents on Easter.
I have so much to do before we leave. Since I have developed a cold, that I thought was allergies a few days ago, and seems to be turning into something worse I am going to go to the doctor tomorrow so I don't give it to Madelynn and we don't have a sick baby for our trip. Also if Madelynn still has a runny nose in the morning, which I'm sure she will cause she had one when she went to bed, I have to call her doctor cause they said to call if it lasts more than 10 days and today was the 10th day. So most likely tomorrow we have a day full of Dr's appointments. Then after we get done with those we are going to my Grandma's to do laundry because we don't have a laundry machine here and I normally do my laundry at Amy's house but her babies are sick so I don't really want to take Madelynn over there for a prolonged period of time. Which sucks cause I miss them and if we don't see them this week it will be 2 weeks of not going over there but for like 10min to drop off some movies for the kids and 10min this morning to pick up Schram, and the only one I got to see then was Silas.
Then on Tuesday whatever laundry I didn't get done Monday will have to be done. I've got alot of it cause like I said I haven't been able to go to Amy's for a week. And I have to do some shopping for things to drink on the way there and a snack for Casey so he stays awake driving. It's alot cheaper to get it at the store than at the gas station.
On Wednesday Madelynn and I are staying home ALL DAY. Because I want her to get as much rest as possible and to be in a fimiliar place as much as possible before we leave. I'm also packing and then double checking that I have everything. Then Madelynn gets a bath and I get a shower in the afternoon and we wait for Casey to come home so we can leave.
When I type it out it doesn't seem like much but in my head it seems like ALOT.
Well I'm gonna go to bed now since I have stuff that has to be accomplished tomorrow. Night.

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Amy Matthews said...

Did you ever find a portable swing? I clicked on your Google Ads, maybe you will get paid for it? I will miss you much while you are gone. I hope you have a great time. Don't forget to go to the FeedRoom to see what Murray and Angela have been up to. Its pretty neat. Happy Easter in case we don't see you then. Hope you and Maddie are feeling better soon and that she sleeps well on your trip.