Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fun with Family.

Kentucky was lots of fun. We really enjoyed getting to spend time with family that we don't get to see very often. Madelynn seemed to love every one. She smiled and cooed and laughed at everyone that held her though she had never seen any of them before. She even fell asleep while her Great Grandma was holding her, and then again while her Great Uncle Murry was holding her. It was so sweet. She's never fallen asleep before for anyone other than Casey and I.
We took lots of pictures. Even some of weird signs that we saw when we went to town.Madelynn's scheduel wasn't really thrown off like I thought it would have been. She slept all night every night we were down there. We bought her a new swing so nap time would be easier but after the second day she decided that she hates the new swing. Well she hates sleeping in it. So I got to rock her to sleep for every nap and then to go to bed. But when we got back she was back to her normal scheduel. There was no fussy baby like I thought there would be. The only fussyness we saw was a 30-45 minute period on the way there and then again on the way back in the car. She was VERY vocal about her dislike of the long car ride.
I must go play with my baby. I will leave you with a bunch of pictures.(if they all upload)

Casey-"Look Madelynn, we're babies!"

Madelynn and her Great Grandma Lamb.

Madelynn and her Great Grandpa Lamb.

Madelynn and her Great Aunt Angela.

Madelynn and her second cousin Hanna.

Madelynn and her Great Uncle Murry.

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Amy Matthews said...

those pictures are great make sure you email them to grandma. or have them printed for her. you can even have her pick them up at the walmart or walgreens nearest her. but you probably already thought of that.
i am so glad she did so well on her trip.
and she is still super duper cute. i miss her :(