Friday, April 24, 2009

First time eating cereal!!

Madelynn has been waking up at night again for reasons unknown to me.  So last night I decided to give her cereal and see what happed.  I've been thinking for about a week that she's ready for it anyway and I was gonna for sure start her on it next week.  But I was talking to my, oh so knowledgeable when it comes to children, sister-in-law, Amy and she told me that she found when babies start waking up in the middle of the night again it is because they are hungry and the cereal helps them sleep because it keeps them full longer.  Well I was all about that because after getting 8+ hours of sleep a night and then going back to only like 5(or less when I decide to stay up and watch a movie)my body has started to hate me, I'm just not used to the lack of sleep anymore.  
After the cereal Madelynn slept for a hour more than she has been and she went right back to sleep after I nursed her instead of staying awake like she's been doing.  So I guess it kinda helped though no that much of it actually went into her mouth and then down to her tummy.  But this is a play by play of sorts with pictures.

After the first 2 bites.  I thought it was going pretty well.
Then came this.  Apparently she was just storing the first 2 bites and then with the third one it all came out.
No. the bowl is not on her high chair.  It was on the table.  It just looks really close.
She decided the bib was more tasty than the cereal.
had to add some fingers in there.
I think in this one she looks like, "Look Mommy, I wiped off my mouth." 
So I was like, let's go for another bite.  That got me this face.
And then this face.  She really didn't like it.
But then she decided to suck on the spoon.
More spoon sucking.
After I got the spoon out of her mouth and went to give her another bite she started fussing.  She was tired.  See I made all of that cereal and she ate barely any.  We'll give it another try tonight.  Maybe we'll have daddy do it.

I have some cute pictures of Madelynn and her cousins that I was going to post but, for some reason blogger doesn't want me to have any more pictures on this post so I'll just save them for another time.

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Amy Matthews said...

p.s. i forgot to tell you not to make very much at all in the beginning. also that she has to learn to swallow the food. babies are only used to sucking it down, its a whole learning process when they have to push the food to the back of their mouths and swallow it on their own. takes a long time i think. my kiddos learned to put the food in and then suck on their fingers to get the food down. hang in there :)