Monday, March 30, 2009

What a week.

MORE PICTURES AND SUCH LATER CAUSE MY COMPUTER IS STUPID. So if you want to read this and then check back. Cause I have some pretty cute pictures to add to the already cute ones that are on here.

Last week was a pretty eventful week.

Monday we actually got to stay home I think. I can't remember anymore.

Tuesday morning I put Madelynn in the floor on her tummy and she rolled over and then started crying and wanted to have nothing to do with that rollin over stuff anymore. Then we went and did laundry and hung out with Amy and the kids. They sure do seem to love it when we come over.

I wish I could have gotten Rylin in on this one but she was still taking a nap.

I love this picture. He was only a month older than she is now when I found out I was pregnant. Now look at him. They're so cute!

Wednesday we went grocery shopping and I broke the car. I didn't really break it, it just showed off its brokenness while I was driving it. Last Saturday I was driving home from St.Charles on the interstate and the car started jumping and sputtering, I made it to Eureka and turned off the car and called my grandpa to have him follow me home(Casey was at a ternament). When I turned the car back on and drove home there were no problems with it. It drove completely fine. That night Casey kept trying to get it to sputter and jump again and it wouldn't. He had just gotten the oil changed that Friday so he put fuel injector cleaner(I think) and bought spark plugs so he could change those to see if maybe that's what it was. Well we had no more problems with it after that so we were like yeah, that's what it was. Until Wednesday when I was driving home from the store. As I pulled out of the Quick Trip/Dicky Bub parking lot the car jumped and sputtered and scared the crap out of me cause I was trying to go quickly infront of this other car. I wasn't cutting him off, I had enough room to go until my car decided to act stupid, then I was cutting him off. So I made it to the light and on to Hwy 50 and couldn't get my car above 20mph. So I pulled over so everyone could pass me and then I made my slow way home. When I got home I decided that I wouldn't turn the car off cause that's what fixed it last time. So I took my groceries inside and then went to see Casey at work for his break. When I got there I drove him around and showed him what it was doing, cause I don't think he really believed me the first time. Then he put it in nutral and showed a bunch of the guys in the parking lot at work and one of them told him it was a censor. Then he turned off the car for a second and turned it back on and it was fixed. So he took it to the new place on hwy 50 close to taco bell where you buy car parts and had them hook it up to their machine that tells you what's wrong with your car and the machine said it was a censor. So Casey went and looked it up on the computer and he found out that he and his dad could change it and it should only take 5min. So he went and bought the part and went over to his dad's to fix it. An hour and a half after he'd been there I called over to see what was taking so long and they were still working on it. Apparently it wasn't as easy as the guys on the internet said. From what I understand they had to take a bunch of stuff out just to change it. But anyway. Our car is fixed and it's running way better that it has before and there's no more sputtering and jumping.
Thursday, Madelynn and I went and got my dad and took him some places, and when to my grandma's. Madelynn got to hang out with her second cousin Alaina, my cousin Alicia's daughter. Alaina is jealous of Madelynn sometimes and then other times she just loves her and wants to kiss her over and over.

Alaina with her many many kisses.

Friday we hung out with daddy all morning and Madelynn started to sound like she was getting a cold. In the evening we went to the "Truth in the Outdoors" Expo. It pretty cool I guess, if you're into a bunch of stuffed dead animals and boats and guns and stuff. They did have a pampered chef and Mary Kay stand.
It was cold and windy. This is Madelynn all bundled in her carseat/stroller

She's such a happy baby.

Saturday we went and hung out with Rylin and Zeke, so Amy could take Silas to see the strong man thing at the Expo. Rylin showed Madelynn how you use the potty. It was cute. And they had Casey read them about 5 or 6 books. Which is alot for him. Then we went over to Casey's dad's house. Madelynn was such a happy little baby there. She smiled and talked to everyone.

Sunday we went to church. When we came home we played with daddy in the floor and Madelynn rolled over again. And again and again. She seems to like it now. She doesn't cry or anything. I got a video of it even. It's kinda funny when she finaly makes it over cause she just sprals out and stays there.

After that we invited Schram and Heather over for some guitar hero and bbq. We don't get to hang out with them as much as we used to because we have a baby. We had fun and Heather played with Madelynn which was cool. Madelynn really likes her.

Well that was our week. It was busy but alot of fun. Today starts another week and we're already busy. Today I'm gonna call Madelynn's doctor cause my grandma told me I should because the snot in her nose is yellow and not clear. I know that sounds gross but I've figured out when you have a baby you start talking about gross stuff. Me and Amy carried on a conversation the other day about poop. Who does that? Unless you're a parent. Then if the doctor says she's ok and I don't have to bring her in or anything we're going to go shopping with my dad. He wants to buy Madelynn some clothes. He's crazy about her. It's really funny.

Well I'm gonna go see if my baby is up yet. It doesn't sound like it, but you never know. She likes to just lay there and stare at her mobile sometimes when she wakes up and doen't make a sound.

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Amy Matthews said...

I am proud of Casey for reading so many books, I know he isn't crazy about that :)But the kids love it when he does. They love him. They loved the pictures of Madelynn they watched the video of her rolling over over and over again. Even Zeke was yelling BAY BAY at the mointor. I saved those pictures. They are awesome.

I hope she doesn't have a cold. and I think its awesome that your Dad is so in love with her. Glad your car is fixed, it sucks when your car breaks especially when you have a baby in it.