Monday, March 23, 2009

a thought.

So I was driving and thinking the other day, and I'm really glad that the Lord has saved me. I'm am the worst when it comes to coveting things and I'd for sure be goin to Hell. I always wish that I could have something that someone else has. Like I'll look at someones house and be like, I wish I had that house, or I'll see someones financial situation and wish we had as much money as they did. But I know the things that I have are that way because that's how God wants it to be for us right now. He's blessed me with so much that alot of people in the world don't have and yet I just want and want and want. I know that I should stop living with the thought worldly standards of you should have this and do that. It's just so hard when that is all that has been forced into your head since you were a child. But I'm not going to blame my coveting problem on my parents because I have come to the Lord and I know what's right and wrong now. I'm just glad that I get to bring up Madelynn in a Christian home where hopefully the world won't get to her to much and she will live happy with what she has and not always wanting something more.

Well I was just thinking about that. My baby is starting to wake up now so I better get off of here.

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Amy Matthews said...

great post. in the first two years i was married i went through the same thing, even to the point tha ti was coveting people who alredy ahd babies because i didn't. i had a fab husband and a wonderful house and two cars and more than alot of americans not to mention the rest of the world but it didnt seem to be enough for me. i was discontented. i believe i have grown out of it through lots of love from my hubby and the Word of God. i still revert to it sometimes but i have been so much happier since i decided to stop wishing i had what other people did. i hope that prayer and bible reading can bring you through it too. i know that it takes some people a lifetime to get to that point and i an thnkful that you are there already :) it will make for a happier road ahead.