Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The result of a camera happy day.

That is the first smile I've gotten on camera. I love it when she smiles. I think it's the cutest thing ever.

She sits in her Bumbo now. This thing is awesome. She loves sitting up and sometimes I need to do other things so I can sit her in this next to me while I do some stuff. It's really handy. I don't wanna leave her alone in it yet cause she's still kinda floppy.

Madelynn was playing with toys today. This is a first. Normally when I try to get her to hold onto a toy and shake it she just lets go. But today she was holding on and trying to eat it.

My baby loves to stick her tounge out. It's like a game for her. She'll stick her tounge out at you then you stick your tounge out back and you get a big smile.

Madelynn was talkin to me while I was trying to get her to smile for the camera. These are 2 really cute faces that I get while attempting to get her to smile. I have about a billion other pictures from trying but these two I like the best.

Isn't she precious? I just love this picture. Kinda looks like she was posing for it.

I don't think either one of them likes the flash much on the camera. You can kinda tell from their expressions.

I definatly went picture crazy today. About once a week it seems like I just take pictures of Madelynn all day long. And today was that day. But I got alot of super cute pictures out of it. The last one is from Sunday when she was wearing her new dress. Well I don't have much to say. Pretty much just wanted to show off my baby again. She has a Doctor's appointment on Monday. I'm excited cause I get to find out how much she's actually growing but not so excited cause there's more shots. ew!


Amy Matthews said...

Rylin has the same dress!!! Well she will have it soon, its one of her rewards for goign on he potty. My niece is so cute, her hair is crazy though!!! It just makes her cuter, is that a word? more cute maybe.

Vicki said...

Those are some precious pictures of you precious baby girl!!! I love them! That last one of her and Casey is just insane. They look exactly like each other....minus the facial hair of course! ;)

Amanda Sikes said...

WOW! She is getting so big. I am so glad to hear that all is going well for you. Aren't babies so much fun!!! A lot of work, but lots of fun. Great to "catch up" with you.

Dana Tate said...

Vikci called me and told me you needed a time for the Fish Fry game night. I hope you guys are coming!!! It starts on Friday at 6:30