Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So this post is mainly for Silas, Rylin, and Zeke. Amy commented yesterday that they loved watching the video of Madelynn roll over. And I sent a video to Amy for Rylin once cause Rylin wanted to see Madelynn take a bath. Well this time I have a video of her in her bouncer. Today is the first time she's played in it. It's the first time mostly because I didn't think she could and because I couldn't figure out how to lower it. Well I figured it out and decided to give it at try. I still don't know if she's supposed to be playing in it because I have to put a blanket rolled up behind her so she doesn't flop around in the seat part, but she had alot of fun. Well at least to me it looked like she did.

hmm...I can upload videos but I still can't upload pictures.  I'm so confused.  I'm gonna try it the picasa way next.


Amy Matthews said...
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Amy Matthews said...

That is a cute jumper. I like it. Is it as low as it can go? I remember my PAT lady telling me that they should be big enough for their kness to bend while their feet touch the ground. She gave a big explaination about it too but I don't remember all of it. The jumper is good for them to learn to stand in and develop leg and back strength. Silas had one but he didn't like it too much so we got rid of it becuase they take up so much room! The kids are sleeping but I will show them the video when they get up.

Amy Matthews said...

I just remembered that our PAT lasy also sais that you should never leave your kid in those or walkers for more than 30 minutes. She really didn't like them, but I think that because so many parents use these things as babysitters so they don't have to play with their kids. I used to put Silas in his when I needed to get something done so I guess I am guitly of that too, but anyway wen though the PAT lady wasn't crazy about it I loved it and I remember other babies who loved thiers too. Sad to say I don't think Madelynn will be grown out of it in time for our newest addition ;)But I can hope right?!