Tuesday, February 3, 2009

some thoughts and super cute pictures!

So at church on Sunday the church wasn't as empty as I expected it to be but there were some people missing that it was sad to see go. Then I was thinking about it and there aren't any babies there that are gonna be in Madelynn's age group anymore and it made me sad for her that she isn't gonna have any church friends her age to grow up with. It's weird cause I was just talking to my dad a few weeks ago about how I'm thinking about home schooling her. He asked me how was she going to get to socialize and I told him that there was a bunch of babies at church that were going to be in her age group and I could sign her up for classes at the Y and stuff. It's just sad to see so many people go.

In other news. Madelynn is growing so much. I'm pretty sure she's almost to long for her 0-3 month clothes. There's this one dress she has that's a 0-3 month dress and I have to put pants on her with it cause it's more like a shirt. She's almost to long for all of her 0-3 sleep and play outfits. There's one that she is to long for. My grandpa told me to just cut the feet out and put socks on her. He cracks me up. She has a doctor's appointment next week. I'm excited to see how much she's grown, not to excited about the shot though.

Well I'm gonna go now. I will leave you with some pictures to look at.

She likes the toys that dangle abover her. Her favorite I think is the Tucan that's on the other side. She stares at it most often, but today I caught her looking at the elephant.

She's like her daddy. She likes to sleep as stretched out as she can get.

This is how she fell asleep in her swing the other day. It looks like she's in deep thought.


Vicki said...

She is just so darn cute!!! I hope I am all better by Sunday so that I can actually hold her! :)

Amy Matthews said...

I don't even know what to say. She is awesome. I love how she is sleepng in both pictures. You know that rainforest mobile, Zeke used to stare at the parrot on it all the time. Not like he liked it so much as he thought he needed to keep his eye on it because it could attack at any moment. Babies are funny.

Amy Matthews said...

Oh and btw. You can totally bring her to socialize with her huge brood of cousins :) Homeschoolers Rock!