Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First Bath

Yesterday I gave Madelynn her first bath. It went pretty well. She only cried when I washed her face and rinsed her hair. She seemed pretty freaked out the rest of the time though.

Her rainforest bath tub is so cool.
She also didn't like being dried off to much.

it's a clean baby!!

The clean baby needed a nap. She fell asleep holding onto her blanket.

On Sunday I took Madelynn to Casey to have him watch her and wake her up while I got ready that way I could feed her and get her ready while he got ready. Well when I went back in the room to get her this is what I found. I thought this was the cutest thing ever. They look exactly the same.


Amy Matthews said...

All of those picture are fabulous!I like the first one and I love the one with her hair all sticking up, I love love love the one of the two of them sleeping. My niece is awesome.

Dana Tate said...

I so remeber the first bath. So scary for me!!!!!
I have the cutest pic of JT and K sleeping togheter, that is a super sweet picture of Madalyn and Casey. It is tiring being a parent!!!!! They should def. have manditory nap times for US!!!!