Saturday, December 19, 2009

I should be happy.

This is the Christmas season. I should be happy, joyful, and thankful for all of the things God has given me. But tonight I am not. I am sad and quite upset. Upset at myself for having such a gracious self sacrificing God that loves and cares for me yet I sacrifice nothing. Seriously sitting here I can not think of one thing that I have truly sacrificed. I am so grateful to have my God. I feel like I should be doing more for Him in return for the eternal life He has given me. I feel because I am failing to give more to God I am failing in my marriage and at motherhood. Not to the point of ruining my marriage or being a bad mother but I know I can be a better wife and mother I just have to get closer to God.
I was reading a few of the blogs that I follow this evening and I really almost cried. I almost cried because I know some amazing Godly women. I would really like to be more like them. I just need to know how to get here. If you know of a devotion or personal bible study or anything that could help me get there please let me know. And please pray for me as I strive to reach closer to God.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

kid friendly nail polish!

The Eco-Friendly Family is doing a giveaway for Piggy Paint. Piggy Paint is a nail polish that's safe and chemical free. I've really wanted to paint Madelynn's nails but haven't because I'm so afraid of the chemicals in normal polish. With this stuff I totally could! You should go check out the giveaway here.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Get a FREE Sandwich and some FREE Movies!

I know everyone loves FREE stuff probably just as much as I do. Well I was looking at and they found that have a coupon on there for a FREE sandwich at QuickTrip again. I'm super excited. It's something great to have on the days where you're out running errands all day. Last time they had this coupon I got one of their wraps and it was really good. To get the coupon you can enter the zip code 30097 and it should be in the list of coupons. I don't know why some zip codes don't work and others do but this is the zip code they used at the last time there was a free one.

Also this week I found on one of the coupon and freebie websites that I read a free redbox rental. The code "DVDONME" works for sure. We used it last night. There are a few others too, but I don't know if they work. They are, "SNSV26", "ACME26", and "DVDATWAG". That last one only works at Walgreens redboxs.

Have fun with your free sandwich and free movies!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Grocery Deal! UPDATE

So. I printed out more coupons and went back to Schnucks today. I found out when I was printing out coupons that you can't print out many multiples from the same website. You have to got to,, and to get enough multiples of the coupons to make the trip really worth it. I spent $0 today and got 4 bags of frozen veggies and 3 bags of Chex Mix. Oh yeah, Washington MO's Schnucks is out of all of the bags of vegetables except for broccoli and corn. But they still have tons of the boxes. The coupon for the boxed vegetables is $.50 off of 2 boxes. So because Schnucks doubles it's buy one get one free.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Grocery Deal!

So. I've been reading these blogs that tell you where the best deals on groceries are and how to use coupons to get the most out of your money. So today I decided to use some coupons while going to the grocery store. Schnucks has their 10 items for $10 deal going on right now. I went to get the Green Giant frozen vegetable steamers, chex mix, hand soap, spaghetti sauce, and something else that I can't remember right now. Well I found a coupon on for the vegetables and the chex mix. Each of the coupons were $.50 off. Well Schnucks DOUBLES coupons up to $.50 off. So that means I got a dollar off! A dollar off of something that's already a dollar means FREE! I found out that you can use 1 coupon for each item. So if you got 3 bags of Green Giant frozen veggies then you can use 3 Green Giant frozen veggie coupons. Schnucks policy is that you can only use 15 coupons in one visit. 15 coupons is alot! That's 15 FREE bags of frozen vegetables or 15 FREE bags of Chex Mix, or a combination of the 2. 15 FREE items is 15 FREE items no matter which way you look at it. So go to print out up to 15 coupons for $.50 off Green Giant frozen vegetable steamers or $.50 off Chex Mix and head on over to Schnucks for FREE food. I'm for sure going back tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Please Pray.

My dad's cousin is in not so good condition.
She had cancer a few years ago. With Chemo and Radiation the cancer went away. Everyone thought she was better. Sometime this year her heart showed that it had been weakened through all of the Chemo. She went in a few months ago to get something fixed in her heart or a pacemaker put in, I'm not sure. No one ever said exactly what she had done. While she was recovering from the surgery there was either a blood clot or a clot of plaque that causes her feet to swell and her toes turned purple and then black. The hospital she was in did not care for her very well and couldn't even tell her exactly what was wrong at first. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving she was doing better. Not great but better. They moved her to a nursing home to recover more because her insurance would not cover her staying in the hospital any longer. Monday night at the nursing home she was talking to her mother, sister, and boyfriend and told them that she was just going to turn over and rest for a bit. She told them they could stay and didn't have to leave. When she turned over she had a massive heart attack. When they got to her she was not breathing and her heart was not beating. The nursing home didn't have any oxygen or heart paddles. Her mother and sister are nurses and were trying to revive her. They weren't successful. It took the ambulance bringing in paddles to bring her back. She was out for a long time. They took her to a different hospital. She had another massive heart attack while in the hospital. They did tests on her and have told them more on what was wrong in the last 24 hours than the other hospital did in a month. She is heavily sedated and hooked up to every machine imaginable. They have her strapped to the bed because she keeps trying to pull her tubes out. They don't know how much brain damage she suffered because she was out. But she is responsive. I took my dad to see her last night and she nodded when he talked to her and squeezed his hand in response to things he said. This is hard for my dad because they were best friends when they were kids.
If you remember would you please pray for her. Pray that if God wants her to remain on this earth with us that He will heal her quickly and if He wants her in Heaven with Him that He will take her quickly and end her pain.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Feel like Blogging.

It's 11:15pm. My husband and daughter are in bed and have been for several hours now. I'm browning rolls for my husband to take to work because I've procrastinated on it all night. And I just feel like blogging. It's weird. I never really wanna sit down and type something. Tonight I want to and I can't think of anything to type.

I guess I can give you a Madelynn update. She is almost officially walking. She's currently unofficially walking. I guess that's how you'd say it. She can walk like 3 feet and sometimes further but most of the time she only takes afew steps and then goes straight back to crawling. That's why I say she's unofficially walking. But she's getting there. She's not getting up to her feet without pulling up yet. So when she does that and is walking more than a few steps at a time that's when she'll be officially walking. But for now I like it unofficial. It's cute and she's still a baby and isn't getting into everything yet. And I like that.
She can say a few words. She says "Daddy", "Baby", "Byebye", sometimes just "Bye", occasionally when she feels like it "dog", also occasionally when she feels like it "Hi", "PaPa", and "Dat!" which we think means that she either wants what she is pointing at or wants to know what she is pointing at is, we're not quite sure yet. She makes a whole ton of other sounds. The other night while we were eating dinner Madelynn looked and me and said "OHM!" kinda like she was biting into something, then she looked at Casey and said "OHM!" and then she looked back at me and did it. I cracked up and couldn't stop laughing so she didn't stop doing it. She just looked back and forth between us and made the sound over and over. If only I could speak her language I'm sure we'd carry on conversations all day long. She's rarely silent.
She's definitely already throwing fits when she doesn't get her way. We're hoping it doesn't get to terribly bad since she's starting it early. We'll see.
She loves clothes. I pick 2 outfits out most mornings and let her pick from those. When we're at the store she mostly keeps her hands to herself unless we're going through the clothes section. Then she's touching everything.
I just bought her a baby doll the other day. She loves and kisses the baby. It's super cute. Though she's not as extreame and excited about that baby as she is Leah. Oh boy does Madelynn love her cousin Leah. She jumps up and down and shrieks when she sees Leah. She loves touching and kissing her. I can't wait until Leah gets bigger. Those 2 are going to be best friends whether Leah likes it or not.
I could go on and on about the things Madelynn does but I'm sure you'll get bored.

I'm currently looking for a hobby. But hobbies are hard to come by. Especially when you're on a budget. I hate that playing on facebook and such is currently my hobby. I feel kinda addicted to it. It's kinda ridiculous. I would love to make something like baking my hobby but Casey and I would both gain like 100lbs. I like making Tutus. That could be my hobby but you can only make so many Tutus and then you'll run out of girls to give them to. Granted I can think of about 10 girls to give them to. But it only takes an hour and a half to make a Tutu. That's only 10 nap times. That means only 10 days at the most. I guess I could stretch that out over a month. But who wants a month long hobby? I can't wait until Madelynn gets old enough for crafts and stuff. I'm sure we'll do a craft at least once a week. That was my favorite thing to do as a kid. I always looked forward to going to my Grandma's when I was to young to go to school and then the summer time when I was school age. My Grandma always had the coolest crafts for us to do. We did them more than once a week. I guess I could start my Christmas craft early. We've decided that we're only going to buy presents for the kids and then I'm going to make a Christmas craft for all of the adults. I used to to it when I was a kid too. But now I'm older so the crafts should be better. I haven't 100% decided on what my craft is going to be this year yet. I have 2 options. I guess it all depends on which one is cheaper.

Well I think I need to go to bed now. My rolls are brown. My eyes are heavy. It's now 11:45pm. So, goodnight.

Birthday Invitations

So I got the first batch of Birthday invitations that I ordered. I decided after I ordered them that I didn't like the picture I used and wanted to take a special picture just for the invitations. So I'm going to cut the pictures out of the first invitations and just give them to people. Grandparents always love any picture they can get.
Back to the invitations. They are beautiful!!! I never knew I could be so in love with a Birthday invitation. The quality of them is just fantastic. I think it's totally worth it to actually pay the $25 that it cost to make them. You get a nice print and you get the invitation. I just know her Grandparents and Aunts are going to love getting these. I'm probably going to do this every year for her invitations. I never thought about doing something like this. It's way easier than making the invitations yourself and it's still as personal!

oh yeah, did not ask me to do a review or anything. I'm just absolutely in love with their service.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Attention All Mom's!

or anyone else that sends out Christmas cards.

My cousin told me about this awesome deal the other day. If you go to you can create and order 50 4x8 or 5x7 photo cards FOR FREE!!! Using the coupon code freebies4mom-1109. The code expires by November 30th so you gotta hurry up. Shipping is completely free.

I already bought Christmas cards for this year so I'm not using it for that. I decided to use it to make Madelynn birthday cards. I'm hopeing they turn out good. If not I can just cut out the picture of her on the card and give it to everyone.

So what are you waiting for? Go take some super cute Christmas pictures of your kids, or use the ones you already have and make some personalized Christmas cards!(or whatever else kind of cards you decide to make)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Toy Box

I really want a wooden toy box for Madelynn. I finally found one that I really like. It's wooden and I can get her name laser engraved onto it! How neat is that? AND I found a giveaway for it! Double neat!! I always wanted my own toy box as a kid and now I have a chance to get Madelynn one. I'm so excited!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Christmas Giveaways!

look at all of these giveaways!!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Our little gangsters.

Madelynn and my nephew Zeke.
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AH! Babies!

People keep having babies(I know 3 girls that are due in the next week) and talking about babies. Also I keep getting reminded that soon my baby will be 1. And she'll no longer be a baby. She'll be a toddler. That's only 8 weeks away!!! It makes me want to crying just thinking about it. I'm sure the morning of her first birthday will be spent in tears.
I want another baby. Haven't really told anyone because of some of the comments that tend to come your way when you already have a baby. Lately when someone asks me when we're going to have another baby or if we're going to have one. I just tell them I don't know when. Cause really I don't. Only God knows when. But I want one now! I want another baby. I want Madelynn to have a brother or sister. Though if Casey could get his way it would definitely be a brother. Oh yeah, did I mention that he wants one too!
So Amy and Amanda, hopefully sometime soon I will be able to tell you that, yes I am tired because I'm pregnant.
But until then I'm just gonna love my baby that I have and hope that she'll let me hug and snuggle her and not push away because she's to busy growing and learning to just lay there and snuggle with Mama sometimes, and pray that God will give us another baby soon.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I totally get it now! The other day I didn't understand why God makes it rain so much in the fall. I know it rains alot in the spring so the plants grow. But nothing's growing in the fall. So why so much rain? Then today the sun came out. The bright beautiful sun! And I get it. God makes it rain so much in the fall when all of the plants are dieing so that on the days the sun comes out we can see how beautiful all of the plants still are. As I was driving I looked at the colorful sunny hillside and I knew. Even when things are withering they are still beautiful because God made them.

The Rainbow Cake.

I made a rainbow cake for my Grandpa's birthday. It was quite an experience. I enjoyed making the cake. But I got very frustrated with it at the end. It took me a total of 7-8ish hours to make it. Not counting the fact that it sat in the fridge over night to set the layers. I didn't follow the directions exactly. You're only supposed to use 2 boxes of cake mix and divide each of those into 3. Instead I used 3 boxes of cake mix and divided them each into 2. BIG MISTAKE! When you do that things smoosh and slide and you can't get your cake plate lid on. So then you have to transport a huge cake down Hwy A(about 10-15 miles of curves) on your lap just praying the whole time it doesn't decide to lean even more and end up all over you. Anyway. On to the pretty pictures.

This is all of the cakes baked and ready to be layered.

The first 3 layers. They're straight and even. So smooshing yet.

The next 3 layers. Notice how one half of the purple layer is smooshed. Just wait. You'll see where that ends up.

The top after icing. The G stands for Grandpa. Some people were confused by that because my Grandpa's name is Fred.

The side. This is where the smooshing of the purple layer got me. It smooshed even more. The longer it sat there the more the cake leaned. It made me sad. But it was because I didn't follow the directions 100%

The beautiful inside! It was definitely the best when I cut it open and everyone was shocked and suprised that it was a rainbow. Not everyone knew it was a rainbow cake. But I was also sad because the bottom 3 layers are so tiny. Because they got smooshed.

The cake was delicious. The icing was the best part. And now I have learned from my mistakes and next time I make it it will hopefully be better.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Not Me!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

So I am not writing a Not Me! Monday post just to enter a giveaway for a purse because I don't have one and desperately need one.

This week I did not clean my living room and only half of my kitchen so that my husband wouldn't be upset about nothing getting done in the house.

I did not nap almost every time my daughter took her morning nap because I've been so tired.

I did not stay out way to late with a friend on Thursday night and ended up not going to bed until 1am. I know I need to go to bed by at least 11 because Madelynn wakes up early.

I did not slack on my diet with the sole excuse that I had cramps all week and was just cranky.

Well I can't think of anything else to Not Me! I'm sure there were more things. Just can't think of them right now.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Band Festival!

When I was little my dad and mom would take me to the Washington Marching Band Festival every year. I loved seeing the bands perform. I always though the color guard girl's flags were so pretty. I was just so neat to me. I always said that I would be in Marching Band when I grew up.
Well when I was in School I was in the band. And my favorite part of the year was Marching Band season. I loved learning the shows and competing. I loved the parades. I loved how one second it was so cold that you thought your fingers might fall off if you played anymore but then the next you could be so hot you'd think it was the middle of summer again. I loved it all. It was just so much fun for me.
This weekend was the Washington Marching Band Festival. I took Madelynn to it. I mean, how could I not? It was something that I loved doing every year as a kid. I want my children to get the joy out of it that I did. She won't ever get to be in marching band because we are going to do Homeschooling. I feel kinda sad about that. That is the only thing I'm sad about her missing out on. My dad actually told me that I should start a Homeschool Marching Band. It sounds like fun. So we'll see if I ever do that. But anyway. We went to the parade at 8 in the morning. It was so cold. Then we went home for a nap and lunch. After that we went to the Band Festival. Madelynn loved it. She squealed and yelled at the bands. It was so much fun for me to watch her that I don't think I saw even half of the bands. This is something we are definitely going to do every year.
At the parade.
Yelling at the middle school boys that are selling Festival Programs.
She hear the first band but couldn't find it.
She spotted it.

And just stared at them the whole time.
There was a person sitting close to us with a dog that she could barely take her eyes off of.
At the festival we got Hamburgers. I had Madelynn in the sling and as I was eating mine she tried to take a bite so I let her have some.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Body after Baby

So I'm joining this challenge to try to be healthier and lose some weight. I have started another blog to keep track of it. Kinda like a food/exercise journal. I'm hoping that having this group of women and this other blog to keep me accountable that I will succeed in what I am trying to do. You will hear no more of this challenge on this blog. So if you want to check up on my progress or something you can check out the other one.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Tomorrow I am going to be 21. Someone told me that I'm really an adult now. That got me to thinking. What makes an adult? Is it the age or is it how the person acts? For example, my cousin is 24, she lives with my grandparents, pays no bills but car insurance, goes out and parties on the weekends, sleeps until noon when she has the day off, and overall still acts like she's 16. But she's 24 so she insists that she's an adult. When my grandparents tell her to stop partying or to clean up her room or help out with the house work she tells that that she's an adult, don't tell her what to do. Is that all an adult is to some people? You can make your own decisions now. No one can tell you what to do anymore? I thought being an adult was having responsibilities like having your own house or apartment, paying your bills, taking actions in your life to better yourself and your family. Way back in the day I think by the time you hit 15 or something you were considered an adult. You were expected to go out and get married and make a home of your own and if you were a man support your family. Now the age of being really an adult is 21? When did that happen? How did it get pushed back so far? Why are children allowed to be brats and not have responsibility until they are 21 or even later in some cases. It just amazes me.

Another thing I was told about being 21 is that I get to drink now. I have been asked I don't know how many times if I'm going to go out and get a drink on Sunday. Um no! I have no desire to consume alcohol. Why is that such a big deal? I've been told, "oh come on, just one drink won't hurt you." Why don't people understand I have no desire to drink something that makes me not think clearly. Also I am breastfeeding. So people want me to not think clearly and they want me to hurt my baby while I'm at it. Really? Think about it.

Tomorrow I am going to be 21. I am going to church. I am going to have a party with my Sunday School kids. Then after church I am going to have cake with my family. Then I'm going out to eat with my husband and daughter. I am not going to the bar or casino. I am not staying out all night. I am not sleeping in till noon the next day because I have a hang over. For me 21 is just another year. It holds no significance other than God let me live another year on this earth.

cute idea.

So if you know me you know that I always have 2 shirts on. There's always a different color shirt hanging out from under the shirt I am wearing or at least half way hanging out. I love layering my clothes but sometimes the shirt underneath rides up and you can no longer see it. Or the shirt I'm wearing on top rides up because there is so much material there that you can see to much of the undershirt. Well one of the giveaway blogs that I follow is doing a giveaway on this nifty idea. It's called a Hip-T. Probably one of the coolest fashion inventions I've ever seen. You don't have to worry about anything riding up or your butt hanging out or any other issues that come with layering your shirts. The other cool thing about it is if you've just hand a baby and things are hanging out now that weren't before, it holds it all in for you. How awesome is that?! I'm definitely entering for this as many times as I can and if I don't win it I'm probably just going to buy one.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Madelynn's Bedroom!

We moved into a 2 bedroom apartment about a month and a half ago. We love the apartment. Even with it's few defects.
Though pretty much anything would be better than what we were living in. Now that we are moved Madelynn has her own bedroom! She doesn't have to sleep in the living room anymore. I am so excited for her and for Casey and I. She can rest better and she has her own space, though that doesn't matter to her now it will later. And I have space to decorate my house the way I want to. Also, I can do dishes and clean all during naptime and not have to worry once if I'm going to wake her up. We can have friends over now and not have to worry about where they're going to sit or about rushing them out at 7pm so we can put Madelynn to bed. It's all just so much better and it makes me feel like we're living in a normal house instead of our whole house being one big bedroom, well really one little bedroom. I am slowly getting her room decorated. I didn't have much to decorate with because I didn't need much before because there was no where to put it. Now I have a whole room to decorate. I wanted to share with you what I have done so far. I like it.

Her pile of animals. I have to get a pet net still.

Her rocker. I think I'm going to get another curtain for the window. I only had the money for the 1 when I bought it.

I made that M on the wall. I'm not 100% finished with it. I have to get a ladybug and a flower to put on it yet and then I will post about it.

After I took this picture I realized that her close are so pink.
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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My first experience with cloth diapers.

Warning: The post contains talk of things that happen in baby's diapers. It's not for the weak of stomach.

I have been wanting to switch over to cloth diapers. But to get going on that it seems that you have to have quite a bit of extra money laying around. And you also need a washer and dryer at your home. Well I don't have either. But I was thinking, maybe if I could get ahold of one of those old wash boards that I could wash them in my bath tub every other day and then on my one laundry day of the week I could wash them in a washing machine. It seemed like a good idea to me. Well I don't have that wash board yet all I have is my 2 hands and the bath tub. I was talking to a blogger that I follow that uses cloth diapers and asked her how she switched over. She said she started out reviewing diapers. So I was like hey I could do that. So I got ahold of some cloth diaper companies and the lovely people at FuzziBunz are letting me review 2 of their diapers. How sweet is that?

I received them in the mail last week. I used one the first day I got them since it didn't say you had to pre-wash them or anything. They are SO soft on the inside. I know if I was a baby I'd prefer to have that on my butt all day. The first one I used was the Perfect Size diaper. The diaper's absorbency was awesome. It didn't leak or anything. But I didn't like how bulky it was. I knew cloth diapers were bulkier but not that much. I figured it would be the size of Madelynn's wet diaper when she wakes up in the morning. But it's like 2 of those put together. So I liked it for the softness and that it didn't leak but I didn't so much like the bulk.

I decided to wait a few days to use the other one because we weren't going to be home for very long and I'm still not sure about them and what do I do if she poops? Well I got to find that one out. The second one was a One Size diaper. I definitely liked it better than the Perfect Size. It was less bulky. I put it on Madelynn alittle after her 1st nap. I forgot I had put it on her. She had it on her for 3 hours? Maybe alittle longer. I laid her down for her second nap and she didn't go to sleep like usual. When I went in there to check on her she stank! I was terrified. I was totally not ready for a poopy cloth diaper. Not one bit. I laid her down on the changing table and was totally grossing out because I knew what I was gonna have to do. I took the diaper off her cleaned her up and put a clean one on and then went to the bathroom to clean the other one. It totally wasn't bad at all. Maybe if she was still little and it was still runny, seedy, mustard poop it would have been worse. But since she's eating solids now it was to bad. I mean it stank and I wanted to gag from that but the rest of it wasn't to bad.

There was only 1 thing I didn't like about either one of them. I didn't like how the spot where you stuck the insert in gaped open. I wish there was a way to close it or that it wasn't so loose.

So, if I had a washer and dryer, cause I'm not hand scrubbin the poopy ones, or I could predict when my daughter would poop and could put a disposable on her for that, I would do the whole cloth diaper thing. Or maybe after she turns 1 where the poop doesn't have liquidyness to it anymore. Who knows. I just know I like them.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Baby Emails.

So you know those emails that you sign up for when you're pregnant? The ones that give you the updates on what's going on with the baby inside of you? And then when you have your baby they send you the weekly/monthly email that tells you what your baby should be doing or start doing now. Well I still get those. And for some reason still read them. Recently they have started to aggravate me. My daughter seems to be advanced in the whole moving thing apparently according to those emails. She started sitting up on her own and scooting on her belly at 5 months-ish. Well last month I started receiving emails that are like, "Hey! Your baby can sit up on her own this month! And she may start rolling all over the place!" Dude. She was rolling all over the place at like 3 1/2 or 4 months. Now I'm getting emails that are saying "Hey! You baby is going to start crawling or scooting this month! She may even think about pulling up on stuff!" Sorry Mr. Email guy, my baby has been scooting for the last 2-3 months. And she's been pulling up for the last month and a half-ish. And I've asked my sister-in-law Amy about it and her kids were doing the same thing at around the same times as Madelynn. I just don't get it. I'm probably over reacting to this too but it's drivin me nuts.
Anyway. That's my complaint for the day.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Giveaway Addict.

So I've been really into giveaways lately. That seems to be what I do in my free time now. Either look for recipies or free stuff. I take part in every free giveaway I can think of. I will follow endless amouts of people on twitter, become the fan of who knows howmany groups/organizations on Facebook all for giveaways on blogs. I'm signed of for I don't know how many mailing lists for free stuff. I don't know how far is to far before you can say you're addicted to getting free stuff but I think I may have hit that point. And so, in an attempt to win something else, I am going to blog about these cool, economy friendly, stainless steal water bottles by EarthLust. They're actually pretty neat. My grandma bought one a few weeks ago and was showing it to me. She said they keep your water really cold and they don't leak or anything and they're not made of plastic so they're not leaking cancer into your water. I really wanted to get one then but really who has $20 to spend on a water bottle? I know I don't. So this morning when I woke up, after helping Casey get ready for work, feeding Madelynn, changing her, and putting her back to sleep, I got on the computer and found THIS giveaway on a blog that I follow. I'm super excited. I have done everything I can to win the water bottle. I've never actually won anything from all of my giveaways. I don't even know why I still do them. But here I am again. Entering my heart away in yet another giveaway.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Summer Fun!

Friday Madelynn had quite the busy day.
In the morning we went to my Grandma's house to spend sometime with my Grandparents while Casey slept(he stayed up until 4:30am the night before). After that we came home and Madelynn took a nap. While she was taking a nap I blew up and filled the baby pool that Amy let me borrow. When Madelynn woke up I got her into her swimsuit(that looks like it's from the 80s) and we went to play in the pool. She had lots of fun playing with her duckies and ball. She doesn't have many toys for the pool so we need to fix that. At one point she decided that the side of the pool was cooler than her toys and tried to eat it. But everytime she tried to get it she would slip. Once she fell into the water face first and she sat back up crying. She really doesn't like any kind of water on her face. She barely likes me washing her face off with a washcloth. But after she figured out that it wasn't a good idea to play with the side of the pool she had lots of fun.

Then that night Union had their fireworks. We went and sat at Clark-Vitt park with my dad and my friend Heather and her mom and brothers. Madelynn loved the fireworks. She even tried to talk to them. It was so cute.

She had such a full day Friday that she slept untill 9:45am this morning and then took a 2 hour nap at 11:30. Which if you don't know Madelynn that is unusual as her naps only last 45min to an hour and if I'm lucky an hour and a half. But not to worry. She went back to her short naps. Taking a 20min one at 3:30 and then a 30min one at 6.

Then tonight we went over to Cory and Amy's for dinner and games, which ended up being poker. And Madelynn and Rylin got to have a mini-sleepover. Though poor Ry may not have even known Madelynn was in her room cause Madelynn wouldn't go to sleep untill 9 and even then she cried for half an hour. But every time I went in there Ry seemed like she was out. Though she may have been faking it cause I was in the room. Who knows. We'll see what time Madelynn wakes up and see how good she does for naps tomorrow. I'm excited for tomorrow night. We get to have Family night at church. I just love Family Night.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Sleep training has been a success!!! Last night I laid Madelynn down and she just went to sleep. She didn't fuss at all. Just made a few noises and then was out. I was so excited that I almost wanted to cry. My baby doesn't need me to put her to sleep at bedtime anymore. And that's a good thing! At first I hated the idea of letting her cry it out. Then I read a bunch about it and talked to some people and I decided that it was probably the way to go for me. I tried it a few times but never got past a half an hour. I couldn't take listening to Madelynn cry and then going to calm her down only to have her cry even harder when I walked away. Amy encouraged me to do it. She told me how she remembered it was hard for her but if I kept starting and stopping cause I couldn't take it would be even harder for me in the long run to get her to learn to go to sleep. So I decided a week ago that I was going to do it and it was going to work and I wasn't going to give up because I couldn't take it. The first 2 nights were a complete failure. She just cried for a whole hour and like 15min no stop, even when I went to calm her she would barely stop and then when I walked away it got even worse. I almost gave up after those 2 nights but Casey and Amy kept me with it. The third night Madelynn cried the whole time but fell asleep on her own in 56min. I was so excited! I knew she could do it. Then the fourth night was 53min but still non-stop crying, The fifth night was 53min but only 44 of it was crying. She was definatly improving. The next night it only took her 40 minutes, then only 35, and then only 15. And last night, I laid her down and she put herself to sleep with no fussing or crying. She made some grunting noises like she was trying to get situated and comfortable. But that was it. I'm so glad I stuck with it this time. Now I wish I would have done it sooner instead of trying and giving up all those times.
I'm going to give it a week and then I think I might try to get her to go to sleep at nap time. But that one's going to be alittle harder since I have to have a schedule then. I don't work well on schedules. I tend to be a more go with the flow kind of person. So we'll see how that goes.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

There's a cloth diaper giveaway.

I'm a sucker for getting free stuff. MamaMomo is giving away free cloth diapers on Mama Notes's blog. I've never actually used cloth diapers but I would not be opposed to doing so if I won some. Then I might invest the lump sum of money that it takes to get cloth diapers.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So I've started 2 blog posts in the past week or so but have never gotten around to actually posting them. So I'm really posting this one this time. This week I have began to let my daughter cry it out. The first 2 nights were failures. She cried for over an hour and didn't go to sleep and I ended up putting her to sleep. Well tonight is night 3 and it was not unsuccessful. SHE PUT HERSELF TO SLEEP! After 55min of crying. And her momma's nerves still being a wreck. I really want to just go pick her up and hold her little sleeping self right now but I know I can't. It'll ruin everything. I kept a log tonight. To pass the time and to have something to look at tomorrow night when she's screaming her head off. Here it is;
6:55 laid her down fussed for a few seconds
7:00 no crying
7:02 started fussing/crying
7:08 went to check on her. as soon as I left the room she started crying again.
7:13 stopped crying for almost a whole min.
7:15 went to check on her. started crying when I walked away. made it to the door this time though.
7:22 went to check. started crying as soon as I walked away
7:32 went to check. started crying, well more like screaming when I walked away
7:49 went to check. cried when I walked away.
7:51 stopped crying
7:55 fussed
7:56 no more fussing
8:05 no noise at all. I think she might be asleep.
8:15 went to check. SHE'S ASLEEP!!!
Yep so that was a little over an hour of my life tonight. I'm hoping tomorrow night goes better. Or at least the same. Now I will leave you with pictures of my beautiful baby. Oh yeah, I forgot to fix all the red eye again. So if that bothers you I'm sorry.

Madelynn with My Grandma. Grandma's not to good at the whole picture taking thing. She hates it just as much as I do.

Madelynn with Alaina(her 3rd cousin? My cousin Alicia's baby)

Madelynn with My Cousin Brittney

My precious sleeping little girl. With her first pony tail in her hair.

An awake picture of Madelynn's first pony tail.

Madelynn sure does love Rylin.

These 2 are going to be best friends.

Ry, loves just to watch Madelynn. I can't wait until Amy has Leah. I just want to watch Rylin with her. Well after I get to hold her that is.

My little lady sittin up. Look at those crossed legs.


So serious with all that drool and snot. But so cute.

My little Who!


Munchin on a rice cake.

a really yummy rice cake.


Naked happy baby!! I love it when she laughs or smiles.

Madelynn and My Mom. Can you believe someone said we look like sisters?!? I don't look that old! jk. My mom is pretty when her hair is down.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gluten Free Tuesday.

I'm excited.  This week I have a whole Gluten-Free meal including Dessert.

BBQ Shredded Pork 
 1 Pork Roast 
 1 Recipe Home Made BBQ Sauce(Maybe 2 depending on how big your roast is)
    2 tablespoons butter
    1 small onion, minced
    2 cups ketchup
    1/2 cup cider vinegar
    1/4 cup water
    1/4 cup apple juice
    1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce
    2 tablespoons brown sugar
    2 tablespoons molasses(I didn't use this cause I didn't have it.  I just added alittle more brown     sugar)
    2 tablespoons honey
    2 teaspoons dry mustard powder(I used prepared mustard and more like 1 tablespoon or so)
    1 teaspoon chili powder
    1 teaspoon garlic powder
    1 teaspoon ground cayenne pepper(I used ground red pepper instead)
Melt the butter in your crock pot, then cook the onions alittle in it.  Add the rest of the BBQ sauce stuff.  Mix it all up and then add your roast.  The sauce should cover the roast.  If not you need more sauce or you can cut your roast so it lays flatter in your crock pot.  Do this right after lunch.  Let it sit on low and cook in the crock pot until dinner(about 4 or 5 hours I don't exactly remember)

You can serve this on Gluten-Free rolls.  I didn't have any so I just ate it plain and Casey ate it on normal NOT Gluten-Free bread.  We had it with Roasted Potatoes and Greenbeans that just had butter, salt, and pepper on them.

Roasted Potatoes 
  Potatoes(however many you want) 
  1 medium Onion chopped(unless you're making ALOT of potatoes then you can use 2) 
  enough melted butter to cover the bottom of the pan. 
  Garlic Powder 
  tiny bit of ground red pepper 
Melt your butter and cover the bottom of the pan.  Chop up Onion, put it in the pan.  Cut the potatoes in cubes and add them to the pan.  Stir it around so the potatoes are covered with butter.  Sprinkle on the Salt, Garlic Powder, Ground Red Pepper, Cumin, and Pepper all to your taste.  Then bake in the oven until golden brown.

And for dessert you can have smoothies.

Strawberry-Orange-Banana Smoothies
 1 Banana 
 1 cup(about) Strawberries
 1 containter Orange Juice Concentrate
 1/2 cup milk(I use skim), maybe alittle more if it's not blending.
Stick it all in the blender and blend until smooth. If you think it has to much Orange to it you can use less Concentrate. 
My brother and I like to experiment with smoothies.  This was a good one.  You can also substitute Strawberry Yogurt for the milk, it makes it a little thicker, but you want to check the label cause I don't think all Yogurt is Gluten-Free. 

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I am so behind. 2 weeks of fun.

The past 2 weeks have been pretty fun. Well, mainly last week and this past weekend were really fun. Madelynn and I haven't done much of anything this week.
The pictures in this post had to be done through photobucket because Blogger hates me now or something and will NEVER upload my pictures.

Last week we went over to Aunt Amy's house 3 TIMES! It was fun. One of the days we spent ALL DAY there. The kids really seemed to enjoy it and Madelynn slept really well that night so she must have enjoyed herself. One of the days we went swimmin. I don't think Madelynn liked that to much. I didn't get any pictures of her in the pool because she's not really sittin up that well yet so I didn't let go of her to get any. She didn't splash around in the water or anything either.

Silas didn't get the memo that you're NOT supposed to look at the camera.

So close to a fabulous picture....

Tryin to get Zeke's ball all decked out in her swimmin gear.

He almost tried to give it to her.

This weekend Daddy was home for 4 DAYS which was really awesome. We went to the park on Saturday(at least I think it was Saturday). Madelynn got to swing and go down the slide, with Daddy holding on to her of course. Sunday we went to church and then spent family time together playing and napping. Monday we went to the mall with friends that we haven't seen for awhile. It was definatly a full weekend.

Daddy pushin her in the swing.

Mommy pushing.

Trying to eat the camera while swinging. My little multi-tasker...

Sittin on the slide. Don't worry. We were very close by.

Madelynn goin down the slide!

Trying to get away from Daddy's kisses.


Then after Monday we've pretty much stayed home. Haven't gone anywhere except to Walmart. Do you remember when Walmart used to have the "-" in the middle of it. It used to be Wal-Mart. When did that change?
Today though we are going shopping with Grandpa Steven and Uncle Elliot. Should be really fun, hopefully. She doesn't have Bunny today. Bunny took a bath last night and still isn't dry. So we've got Dolly. We'll see how that works out. I don't know if she's old enough to figure out that there's a difference but it seems like she knows. Cause she's in her swing right now for a short nap before we leave and if she had Bunny she would have been asleep like 20min ago. But instead she has Dolly and still isn't asleep. So we'll see.
update: I started wrting this blog post this morning and didn't get to publish it.  We went shopping with Grandpa not Uncle Elliot. Mainly because Uncle Elliot is a bum that never wants to wake up in the morning.  Seriously, I don't know how that kid makes it to work.  It wasn't a very eventful day.  Grandpa bought Madelynn yet another outfit. Madelynn is ok without Bunny.  But it did take her longer to go to sleep in the car and she fussed some before falling asleep.  Which doesn't usually happen anymore.  So now we know she's definatly attatched to Bunny.  When she had it when we went to the store after Daddy came home she went right to sleep in the car.  No fussin or anything. So the moral of the story is, we can NEVER lose Bunny.  And when I wash it I should probably do that on laundry day so it goes in the dryer for quick drying.

Um. Mom, where's my Bunny?
Well dear, here's your Bunny. Hanging in the bathroom drying.
Well I guess that's ok Mom but this Dolly tastes funny.

Did I mention, my daughter enjoys eating her reflection.(I know there's red eye in alot of these pictures. I forgot to fix it before posting....oh well...)

See she really likes it.