Monday, December 1, 2008

An Idea.

So I got this idea from an email that I get daily about baby stuff. They said to make a blog and give the address to everyone so I don't always have to answer the same questions over and over about what the doctor says and how things are going and if I'm excited or nervous and what not. I really like the idea. All I have to do is sit down once or twice a week and write something and then maybe I won't be bombarded with so many questions. It's nice to know that people care and stuff but when I get asked the same questions 10 times in one day by different people it starts to get irritating. So this is gonna be my blog about my baby and life with the baby and stuff like that.

I'm excited. I've got alittle less than 5 weeks to go. We've got everything we need. Way to many clothes of course. But that's what you get when you let people know you're havin a girl. We still don't have the bed set. We have everything else though, through borrowing and what people have said they're getting. It's all crammed into this little apartment. But that's ok. It's less to clean right now. And I've heard that the less you have to do when you have a new born the better, so I guess I'm all set.

People ask me all the time if I'm scared. I'm not scared about taking care of the baby or anything like that. But I am scared as all get out about the giving birth part. It doesn't matter how much I read about it or am told about it or how many women I know who have lived through it, it scares the crap out of me. I'm not really that afraid of the pain. I know that's gonna be there and there's nothing you can do about that. I'm afraid that something might tear or that labor won't go right and they'll have to do a c-section. I'm also worried that my baby is gonna be to big, or have health problems or something. I guess that's normal stuff to worry about though. I just can't wait for her to get here so I know everything's ok.

Well that's about it. I got to the doctor again on the 8th. So I'll write again then. I get to see my doctor again. I've been seeing other doctors in the office.
I hope I can keep up with this. I like the idea but if I actually keep up with it, we'll see.


Amy Matthews said...

I am super excited about the new blog! I am sure that you know that God is in control in whatever happens with the birth and I will be praying that the Holy Spirit will comfort you during the entire thing, and Casey too. My babies were big but my hips were bigger! Let's pray the same for you :)

Eliza Rae said...

My grandma and my mom say that my hips should be big enough. Both of their babies were huge. My youngest brother was 11 lbs and my mom gave birth to him naturally. I just worry alot.

Vicki said...

Braden was a big baby too. And believe it or not, he was easier to birth than Grace. I have heard that from more than 1 person too! So it might not be such a bad thing!!