Tuesday, December 2, 2008


We got a new camera from Casey's mom yesterday. I'm super excited. It's a really nice camera. She got it at the day after Thanksgiving sale and totally ninjaed(i don't know if that's how you spell that) her way into getting it. She's definatly awesome. I'm gonna take pictures of the baby bed, though it's not that great right now cause it's missing a drawer front and sheets and stuff. I'll put them on here. I cleaned out the living room closet last night to put all of the baby clothes and stuff in there. I think I want to get one of those plastic drawer things for the baby clothes too. Cause I realized that 3 small drawers and shelves on the changing table part of the crib isn't enough for all of the baby stuff. Even having the closet isn't enough. Babies need alot of stuff.


Amy Matthews said...

I am going to order that aquarium on the 15th when Cory gets his Christmas bonus. I have the mobile now, I am still waiting for the stuff from Melody.

Amy Matthews said...