Tuesday, December 9, 2008

An Adventurous day at the Doctor's Office

So I went to the Doctor yesterday. Everything is fine and the baby is healthy.

When I got there I had to sit in the waiting room for like half an hour. I went into the patient room and the nurse took my blood pressure and everything. She told me my blood pressure was higher than it should be and she was gonna check again before I left to see if it went down any. Then she informed me that it was time for my Group B strep test, which isn't much fun. So the doctor comes in and does that and checks to see if I'm dilated any, which is quite uncomfortable. I'm not so he measures the baby, who measures big, and listens to the heart beat which he says is good. Then he says the nurse will be back in in a minute to check my blood pressure again. She comes back in and it's even higher. So they decided to send me over to the hospital to get everything checked out. I went over to the labor and delivery part of the hospital. They had me lay on my side and wrapped monitors around my stomach to listen to the baby and then she took my blood pressure. It was 108/74 or somethin like that, exactly where it should be. But even though my blood pressure was down after I have walked out of the dr building to my car, drove to the hospital, and walked into the hospital, followed the quite quick nurse down the hall, peed in a cup,and climbed up on a bed, pretty much freaking out the whole time, I still couldn't go home. They had to take blood and make me lay there on my side not really able to move much for an hour before I could go. The nurse said everything was fine and she didn't really know why it was up at the Dr's office and went down so quickly.
I know why. I hadn't eatten since like 6 that morning and when your blood sugar goes down your blood pressure goes up. Also who wouldn't have high blood pressure when you have to have things done like the GBST and checking to see if you're dilated. I'm sure anyone would have blood pressure problems from that. Also I'm always nervous when I go to the doctor. Cause it used to seem like everytime I went to the doctor I had to have some kinda of extra test done or they thought something was wrong with me. So naturally I don't like it.

But the moral of the story is that everything's ok, and for me being in a Doctor's office raises my blood pressure higher than walking and being extreamly worried.

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